The Marsabit County Peace Tournament that took place over the weekends at Marsabit Stadium has successfully ended with Laisamis emerging the overall winner. This peace tournament is one among the many avenues the County Government of Marsabit is employing to promote peaceful co-existence among the diverse ethnic communities of Marsabit County.

The tournament brought together participants from all the four subcounties including the local leaders, politicians, administration officials and Saku Subcounty residents where the tournament was held.

Addressing the players and spectators, the Marsabit County Governor, H.E Amb. Ukur Yatani, observed that Marsabit County was known for many good things that need to be harnessed positively for the good of the people of the county. He recalled that, back in the day, Marsabit County used to lead in sports and that it was time that the past sporting reputation which used to define this county need to be recouped.

Ambassador Kanacho further observed that his government had already invested enough resources to build the sporting architecture of the county. He said the county government of Marsabit had injected Ksh. 9.4 Million to develop both Loiyangalani and Maikona Stadia and a further Ksh. 1.5 Million for each of the 20 Wards. He added that the expenditure for the previous Subcounty sports competition that was held at the four subcounty level was Ksh. 4,014,900 while the expenditure at the County competition stood at Ksh. 3,112,900 and a further Ksh. 3,494,000 was spent to procure sports equipment and uniforms.

The governor pledged that the County Government of Marsabit was seriously contemplating the prospect of developing the Marsabit Stadium so that the facility meets modern standards. He said his government is also considering the possibility of setting up a sports training institution in an express bid to produce high caliber sportsmen and sportswomen.

The governor, however, cautioned the mushrooming of small scale vendors against setting up kiosks inside Marsabit Stadium.

He enjoined young people to embrace sports as an instrument of peace building, conflict management and peaceful co-existence.

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