H.E the Governor Amb. Ukur Kanacho has passionately appealed to the National Assembly’s Parliamentary committee on Environment and Natural Resources not to leave the Marsabit County without “leaving behind a tangible solution” to the protracted misery and frustration the people of Saku sub-County have had to contend with ever since the Badassa Dam Mega project stalled.

“ Whatever became of Badassa Dam, one thing is for certain: the hopes of the people of Marsabit County in general and Saku Sub-County in particular are shattered. It’s good that you have finally come to the ground to find leads that would help you effectively come to the bottom of this matter. My very humble plea to you is this. Don’t leave us without leaving behind a tangible solution to this puzzle.”

The Governor yesterday unequivocally told the parliamentary committee that all the people of Saku Sub-County were interested in right then was water.

He made it abundantly clear that nobody was interested in whatever “punitive measures” that would be taken against “whoever had not done the right thing”

He said the incessant “ping-pong” of court cases that had dragged on for over 1 ½ years between the contractor and other parties were not helping matters but instead served to only heighten the frustration of the people of Saku Sub-County whose initial hopes, he observed, were brutally dashed.

The Governor observed that water remained the biggest problem affecting the County. He said his Government had appropriately responded to this challenge by sinking some 20 boreholes in a span of only one year.

“I wonder how many more boreholes we will have sunk at the end of five years if we could manage to do 20 boreholes in 1 year.”

The parliamentary committee delegation later visited the site of the ill-fated Badassa Dam where they also got the opportunity to address area residents.

The committee returned back to meet the Governor and vowed to objectively study all the underlying factors surrounding the matter and pass a strong recommendation to the national Assembly to revive the stalled project.

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