A society that cares for the health and the general well-being of  it’s most vulnerable numbers, namely, women and children is the “Most blessed” of societies, the Marsabit town Administrator, Mr. Boru Golicha has said.

Speaking during the launch of Malezi Bora at the Marsabit Stadium yesterday, Mr. Golicha who was the guest of honour at the function said there is an uncanny correlation between nutrition and health and that an investment in good nutrition for mothers and children directly translates into “good health, longevity and prosperity” of a populace.

The guest of honour who is himself a nutritionist by profession called upon all actors in the health sector to work hand in hand in entrenching the Malezei Bora message across the county as that would be the only way in which the theme would pick up and become a reality in “our people’s lives.”

He welcomed the gathered guests to the launch and specifically thanked the Laisamis mother to mother support group for a job well-done in properly propagating the Malezi Bora  in their sub-County.

The town administrator profusely thanked the County Government of Marsabit for having successfully turned around the hitherto rotten and hopeless healthcare system of the County and further called upon all and sundry in the health sector to jealously protect the positive gains so far registered.

“Let us not squander the positive gains we have so far achieved. We must, above all, be wary of sliding back to our old, unsavory way of doing business. Thanks to our County Government, we have at least reached a point where we can comfortably assert that mediocrity is no longer our lot. Going forward, let us now build on the progress that we have scaled at this point in time, “he advised.

In an apparent digression from the theme, the town administrator asked the residents to take it upon themselves to plant trees in order to replenish the lost Marsabit forest cover.

“We can only guarantee our ecological  security  by planting trees. Wanton destruction of our forest as currently witnessed is a recipe for disaster” he warned.

The event was sponsored by the County Government of Marsabit, Concern World-Wide, Gain, World Vision, Adeso and UNICEF.





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