The County Department of Skill Development, Youth and Sport, held a Consultative meeting with the Youth representative from Laisamis Sub County. The representatives were drawn from the five wards in the Sub County. The  meeting held in Ngurunit helped the Youth to highlight various challenges affecting them.  The representatives also identified key priorities needs for the youth.



Participants settled and keenly follow the discussion




It was all fun!!



Mrs. Lydiah Learamo with the Loiyangalani team



Ms. Raphaela Adukan and her team from Laisamis Ward


Loglogo and Kamboe Team with the Deputy Sub County Administrator, Mr. Matthew Lechipan


Korr/Ngurunit Team with their ward Administrator, Ms. Sarah Omarre


The Facilitators planning for the event


First day briefing



















































Below: Kargi/South Horr Team pose for a photo together with their ward Administrator, Mr. Daniel Dokhlle


Present during the event were the Korr/Ngurunit MCA , Hon. Daud Arakhole, Laisamis Sub County Administrator, Mr. Shukri Ibrahim, Laisamis Deputy Sub County Administrator, Mr. Matthew Lechipan , Laisamis Ward Administrator, Ms. Raphaela Adukan,  Korr/Ngurunit Ward Administrator, Ms. Sarah Omarre,  Kargi/South Horr Ward Administrator  Mr. Daniel Dokhlle and Loiyangalani Ward Administrator, Mrs. Lydiah Learamo. The Skills Development, Youth and Sports department was also represented by the Chief Officer, Mr. Stephen Sora Katelo and County Sports Director Ms. Grace Mitambo.  The County National Youth Chairman, Mr. Hassan Mulata was also present during the event.

The representatives from all the registered clubs within the  Sub County held discussions and developed a year-long County Football league fixtures.


Below are more pictures from the event




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