To effect service delivery at health facilities in the county, the County Government of Marsabit has today officially launched Ten (10) loaded ambulances for emergency services.

The Marsabit County Governor, Ambassador Ukur Yatani who released the newly procured ambulances said his government is indeed committed to improve services at all health facilities within the county.

Governor Yatani revealed that due to the concern and commitment of his administration, health sector has been allocated 30% of the gross county revenue so that health department would not suffer at any time.

The governor asserted that, in the last two years, his government truly realized great expansion in the infrastructures, health work force and established dependability in supply of drugs and other commodities so as to enhance health service delivery in the county.

The county boss told the public that to improve on health services and save more lives especially among children and women. His government has embarked on opening up of level 4 hospitals in each of the four Sub Counties of Marsabit.

He said, the opening up of level 4 hospitals will help in reducing long distances involved during referrals and improved access to comprehensive health care besides saving the county from referral costs to other counties.

The county CEO further informed the public that his government is also spearheading the recruitment of required medical specialist for hospitals within the county from within or even outside the county in its bid to address health challenges.

Ambassador Yatani also told the public that a fleet of eight (8) more ambulances are expected any time to be dispatched to all corners of the county like; Dabel, Forole, Loiyangalani, Sololo among other far ends of the vast county.

The governor reiterated that, the purchase and distribution of the ambulances will greatly boost referral services in the county, in fact taking it to a level never known before. He added that the ambulances will be strategically placed in all corners of the county and will serve regions it is allocated to but not the facility it is placed at only.

The county chief (governor) recalled that at the inception of the devolved governance,like all other sectors, the health sector in the county was in total bad state which result from gross under investment in terms of poor financing, low level human resource, stock outs in commodities like drugs and equipments and poor infrastructures, but his government is making strides contain the prevailing predicament.

Six new land cruiser vehicles were also officially released to assist in service delivery for the devolved functions of the county government. Three more land cruisers are expected to arrive for dispatch.

By the Department of Communication, Marsabit County


Captions: Photo 1 The Marsabit County Governor, Ambassador Ukur Yatani addressing the public at Marsabit stadium during the official launch of Ten Ambulances for emergency services and six land cruiser vehicles meant to assistin service delivery for the devolved functions of the county government.


Photo 2 The Ten (10) ambulances launched for emergency services




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