The County Government of Marsabit is all- prepared to partner with investors willing to invest within its borders as long as the benefits accruing from that investment would in the long run take the county to the next level.

This affirmation was made today in the morning (Wednesday) by the county governor, Ambassador Ukur Yatani, when he received a high-level entourage from Maasai Mara University who visited him at his office with the express brief of forging partnership with Marsabit County on some key areas. These key areas include; animal husbandry, human health, hospitality, wildlife conservation, education and herbal medicine.

Professor Philip G. Ngunjiri (the university chancellor) who led the university council delegation revealed that the centerpiece of the envisaged partnership involved an investor who approached the university to help him identify a potential county where he could partner with for a period of time. The University subsequently, settled for Marsabit County, Prof. Ngunjiri disclosed.

According to the Chancellor, the investor needed critical information concerning the availability of 200,000 acres of land upon which the investment project could take off, rainfall pattern in the area identified, key economic activities expected to be carried out, the total population of people under the mapped project area and the productivity of the land so identified.

The university chief further revealed that once the deal envisioned gets stamp of approval from the concerned parties, the community living in the project area would greatly benefit from provision of improved social amenities like schools, hospitals, social halls, water projects, power, employment and sharing of profit as agreed monthly among others.

He added that once the project’s lease period expires, the investor would leave the project behind for the community to run.

For the Maasai Mara University, Prof. Ngunjiri said the project will be used as a research station for its students as franchise for certain critical researches in key identified areas.

The University boss asserted that in the long run, the project will be a win-win deal for the three parties (i.e. the Marsabit county government, investor and the Maasai Mara University) involved.

By the department of communication, Marsabit County

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