Picture: Abdikadir Sheikh Adan (a farmer) could not hold his smile and happiness as he sits in his maize silo when visited by a group of local journalists and staff from department of Agriculture at his farm in Sagante-Jaldesa ward, Marsabit County


Following the inception of the county government, Abdikadir Sheikh Adan who is a farmer from Jaldesa-Sagante ward in Marsabit County has every reason to smile and celebrate this harvesting season as he expects bumper harvest from his farm.

Mr. Adan ( a retired teacher) who has been cultivating his piece of land for the last 39 years now expects over 60 bags of maize, what he has never harvested in the yester years from the same piece of land, and he attributes his success to the county government of Marsabit’s assistance through the department of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.

While expressing his gratitude to the county government, Mr. Adan revealed that during the last planting season, he used a tractor procured by the county government, adding that the technical advice and certified seeds given by the department of Agriculture immensely contributed to his higher yields.

The farmer who in the past relied on the traditional method of land preparation and planting, after utilizing all the avenues made possible by the county government is indeed happy to express his gratitude to the county government of Marsabit for the support they offered.

“It is just last planting season that I learnt the importance of line planting and use of recommended seeds to be planted through field extension officers. After heeding to technical advice given by staff from the department of Agriculture, I am now reaping the fruits of my labour,” said the former teacher.

He added, “For over the last three decades that I have been practicing crop farming, this is the only season I am harvesting maize in big quantity and this bumper harvest I must attribute to the government’s tangible/intangible support provided”.

Mr. Adan advised other farmers to maximize on the government’s support so that they realize desired produce from their farm land.

According to the Marsabit County director of Agriculture, Julius Gitu, the department’s mission is to make Marsabit become food secure and hence automatic cut on relief aid.

Mr. Gitu said the county, so far has procured eight (8) tractors which farmers have started to hire at affordable fee besides reducing intensive human labour cost to farmers.

He added that, during the last planting season, the government purchased and distributed 3.1 tonnes of certified seeds to farmers so that the department of Agriculture realizes its dream of making Marsabit food basket other than becoming relief dependent county. Herbicides were also provided to control weeds and pests.

The director advised farmers to visit their agricultural offices and seek for technical and other support services for them to achieve their dream of getting acceptable produce from their farm lands.

By the department of communication, Marsabit County


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