The Marsabit county Governor, H.E. Amb. Ukur Yatani opened Laisamis sub county headquarters office on Saturday

The Marsabit county Governor, H.E. Amb. Ukur Yatani opened Laisamis sub county headquarters office on Saturday


The county government of Marsabit is committed to support sporting activities in the county in its bid to nurture young and growing talents.

The Marsabit County Governor, Amb. Ukur Yatani who on Saturday flagged off a road race competition at Laisamis Sub County said that his administration must at all cost support sporting activities to unlock athletics potentials so that untapped talents within the county are exploited well besides ensuring earnings to unemployed county residents, especially the young.

Governor Yatani said that engaging young in the sporting activities makes them (the young) shun drug abuse, have focus in their life endeavours among other things.

The County boss flagged off 10km road race for both men and women, 5km for primary school boys and girls and 2km road race for Paralympics. Amb. Yatani urged talented young to exploit and embrace their talents, like those champions in the Kenyan Rift to propel the ‘wheel’ of life.

The County CEO who also officially opened newly constructed Laisamis Sub County Headquarters offices, inspected some of the development projects within the county, and these includes; newly built Laisamis level four Hospital, slaughter house, market stalls and solar powered boreholes.

Meanwhile, the County Governor warned against flagrant land grabbing in some parts of the county and underscored the fact that his government shall not tolerate the emerging trends where some leaders had taken to incite members of their community to grab other people’s land.

“It is unfortunate that some leaders have, of late, exhibited the penchant to incite members of their community to grab other people’s land. This is uncalled for and illegitimate in equal measure, and our silence should not be mistaken for cowardice,” Governor Yatani warned.

The Governor’s sentiment follows earlier remarks made by North- Horr Member of Parliament, Hon. Chachu Ganya who clearly spelt out that he cannot entertain nonsense of encroachments into and grabbing of others land, fueled by local leaders.

The county chief also informed the public that his Saturday’s visit to Laisamis Sub County was not a political rally but just inspection of projects undertaken by the county government of Marsabit besides flagging off marathon and opening of sub County offices.

“The last time we met, we only came here as vote seekers. Today as we inspect development projects, we must also maximize on this golden chance to say thank you for bringing us to power to serve in the last election. It was because of your overwhelming support that we won and formed our current government, we are indebted to you for this,” Governor Yatani told Laisamis residents.

He, on behalf of his government, however quickly apologized to the residents for coming late to offer the vote of thanks which, he regretted, was made impossible mainly by the overwhelming responsibilities that the county had to contend with in its formative days.

The governor asked the residents to take pride in the fact that, fifty years down the line after suffering marginalization and underdevelopment, devolution has come to rescue them since today they are happily masters and mistresses of their own collective destiny.

Governor Yatani called on local leaders to jealously safeguard the spirit of unity amongst themselves. It is through unity, he counseled, that the “collective dreams of our people will be realized”.

While reiterating his government’s unequivocal resolve to bring forth tangible development in the county, the county boss stated that the county government had allocated Ksh. 103 million to the Laisamis sub county this financial year alone.

He called upon institutions tasked with the responsibility of managing emergency cash transfers to harmonise their operations with a view to realising synergy.

In a bid to plug gaps and rally its lot behind the existing emergency cash transfer initiatives, he revealed that his government would soon provide a monthly stipend of Ksh. 2, 000 to the most vulnerable members not benefitting from other aid in every village of the entire county.

The governor made passionate appeal to the Marsabit County Assembly Members to consider quickly fast-track the scholarship bill for needy and bright students who have been underprivileged before, so that they would get opportunity to further their studies.

On his part, the Marsabit County Senator Godana Hargura disclosed that as a legislator with responsibility to oversight the county government, he was glad to note that all was well as far as prudent utilisation of development funds was concerned.

“I am happy to state without any fear of contradiction that the county government of Marsabit has been prudent in the management and utilisation of development funds,” senator Hargura observed.

He challenged the youth to seriously contemplate the prospect of pursuing technical courses in order to tame the tide of unemployment.

Those who accompanied Governor Yatani during Laisamis Sub county tour include; Marsabit county deputy governor Omar Abdi Ali, senator Godana Hargura, Laisamis MP Joseph Lekuton, North-Horr MP Chachu Ganya, elected and nominated Members of Marsabit County Assembly and many other county staff.

Potential athletes in road race at Laisamis sub county on Saturday

Potential athletes in road race at Laisamis sub county on Saturday

By the department of communication, Marsabit County

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