Devolution has significantly transformed the lot of the people of Marsabit County who, for decades, have existed on the margins of development, the Marsabit county Governor, Ambassador Ukur Yatani has confirmed.

Addressing members of the senate committee on devolution who paid him visit at his office on Monday, Ambassador Yatani expressed optimism that with the pace at which things are currently faring coupled with the good foundation the current county government establishment has put in place so far, Marsabit County is projected to be the “richest county in Kenya, twenty years from now”.

The county chief described Marsabit as a unique county where great opportunities for investment abound.

Confirming 90% of the county residents’ livelihood is derived from pastoralism, the governor identified livestock as the biggest catalyst to the county’s economy. Even so, he revealed that livestock marketing was the single most challenge that has always been an impediment to the sector.

To effectively counteract this challenge, Amb. Yatani said the county is in the process of establishing an ultra-modern abattoir and holding grounds whose construction work has started.

He disclosed that, so far, the county government has injected the initial Ksh. 150 million into the project which he said the national government has pledged to support

The county boss revealed that Marsabit County has a tremendous Tourism potential with uniquely beautiful sceneries dotting various regions of the county.

He mentioned paradise Crater Lake that sits on Mt. Marsabit, Chalbi desert which arguably is the biggest in East Africa, and Lake Turkana 70 % of which, he observed, is found in Marsabit County.

He extolled the county as the repository of multiplicity of cultures with 14 ethnic communities residing in it.

He disclosed that the county abounds in rich mineral potential, namely, gold and iron among others. This revelation he said was corroborated by a study which, he said, was conducted away back in the 1930s by the then colonial government.

The senate delegation, led by the Marsabit County Senator Godana Hargura which includes Senators Kipchumba Murkumen, Naisula Lesuda and Billow Kerow, later met the Marsabit County Executive Committee (CEC) members at the governor’s boardroom where it had the opportunity to be taken through department by department’s activities undertaken by the government and the achievements accrued ever since the county government came into existence.

The senators were really impressed particularly by the resource allocation formula to every devolved unit by the County Government of Marsabit.

“We are really delighted to learn that you doing well in prudently and fairly allocating resources to every of your devolved unit,” Senator Kipchumba Murkumen said.

Earlier on, the senate committee paid the Marsabit County Commissioner (CC), Peter Thuku a courtesy call where he (the CC) confirmed that insecurity was a challenge in some parts of the county notably Moyale during the inception of county government and recently in Loiyangalani while underscoring the fact that both the National and the County government have been on top of things to ensure that peaceful co-existence and normalcy reign within the county.

By the communication department, Marsabit County


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