Tenders are invited from registered and competent suppliers for the supply and delivery of the following goods, works and services to the county government of Marsabit as and when required basis for the year ending 30th June 2016

Click on the Tender Numbers, highlighted in green,to Download the documents.

1. MBT/COU/01/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of office stationery Youth, women & PWD
2. MBT/COU/02/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of water pipes and fittings Open
3. MBT/COU/03/2015-2016 Provision for equipment, vehicle hire, and water tankering Youth, women & PWD
4. MBT/COU/04/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of office furniture Open
5. MBT/COU/05/2015-2016 Supply of petrol, oil and lubricants Open
6. MBT/COU/06/2015-2016 Supply of electrical Materials Youth, women & PWD
7. MBT/COU/07/2015-2016 Provision of motor vehicle repair services Open
8 MBT/COU/08/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of paint and distempers Open
9. MBT/COU/09/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of tyres and tubes Open
10. MBT/COU/10/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of uniforms Youth, women & PWD
11. MBT/COU/11/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of building materials Open
12. MBT/COU/12/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of cereals, pulses and mislenous food stuff Youth, women & PWD
13. MBT/COU/13/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of general hardware materials Open
14. MBT/COU/14/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of news paper Youth, women & PWD
15 MBT/COU/15/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of various airtime Youth, women & PWD
16. MBT/COU/16/2015-2016 Provision of building Materials Open
17. MBT/COU/17/2015-2016 Provision of building construction, renovation,   plumbing, welding, metal and electrical services Open
18. MBT/COU/18/2015-2016 Provision of catering services Youth, women & PWD
19. MBT/COU/19/2015-2016 Supply, Delivery and installation of CCTV and Security screening services Open
20. MBT/COU/20/2015-2016 Provision of computers and computers accessories Youth, women & PWD
21. MBT/COU/21/2015-2016 Provision of emergency response services Open
22. MBT/COU/22/2015-2016 Provision of Engineering consultancy services Open
23. MBT/COU/23/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of farm inputs, herbicides and insecticides Open
24. MBT/COU/24/2015-2016 Supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of firefighting equipment Open
25. MBT/COU/25/2015-2016 Provision of general consultancy services Open
26. MBT/COU/26/2015-2016 Provision of hotel and conference services Open
27. MBT/COU/27/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of laboratory Equipment, re-agents, chemical and glassware Open
28. MBT/COU/28/2015-2016 Provision of landscaping Services Open
29. MBT/COU/29/2015-2016 Provision of legal services Open
30. MBT/COU/30/2015-2016 Supply, delivery and installation of general medical equipment and fittings Open
31. MBT/COU/31/2015-2016 Provision for Garage, Motor Vehicles, graders and tractor repairs Open
32. MBT/COU/32/2015-2016 Supply, delivery of non-pharmaceutical and dressing materials Open
33. MBT/COU/33/2015-2016 Repair and maintenance of PABX, telecommunication equipment Open Youth, women & PWD
34. MBT/COU/34/2015-2016 Provision of road construction and civil works Open
35. MBT/COU/35/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of road work materials Open
36. MBT/COU/36/2015-2016 Provision of solar lighting equipment and installation Open
37. MBT/COU/37/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of sports item Youth, women & PWD
38. MBT/COU/38/2015-2016 Supply, delivery and installation of Generators Open
39. MBT/COU/39/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of timber and related products Open
40. MBT/COU/40/2015-2016 Provision of cleaning material Youth, women & PWD
41. MBT/COU/41/2015-2016 Supply and delivery of sanitary towel and sanitary handling and disposal services Youth, women & PWD
42. MBT/COU/42/2015-2016 Repair of office machines and equipment Open
43. MBT/COU/43/2015-2016 Provision of air conditioning services Youth, women & PWD
44. MBT/COU/44/2015-2016 County motor vehicle insurance Open
45. MBT/COU/44/2015-2016 ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT County motor vehicle insurance additional document Open
46 MBT/COU/45/2015-2016 County executive staffs medical insurance Open
47. MBT/COU/45/2015-2016 ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT County executive staffs medical insurance ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT Open
48. MBT/COU/46/2015-2016 Provision of air ticketing services Open
49. MBT/COU/46/2015-2016 ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT Provision of air ticketing services ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT Open
50. MBT/COU/47/2015-2016 Provision of Boreholes, Dams and water pans construction services Open



Mandatory Requirements

The following must be submitted together with the tender documents;

  1. Certified copy of Certificate of incorporation.
  2. Certified copy of Registration Certificate with the National Construction Authority for relevant        tenders/pre-qualification
  3. Certified copy of Valid Tax Compliance Certificate.
  4. VAT and PIN certificate.
  5. Valid single business permit.
  6. Any other document/special condition of tender relevant to each tenders/pre-qualification.
  7. Addtional documents as indicated in the table above.
  8. Youth, Women or Persons with disabilities certificates for the relevant tender and pre qualification categories which can also be acquired at the county procurement offices.

Tenders and pre-qualification documents can be obtained from the procurement office between 8am-5pm (Monday-Friday) upon payment of non-refundable fee of Kshs 1000 per document in cash or bankers cheque to our KCB revenue account for the tender documents only and for pre-qualification documents may be downloaded from the county website www.marsabit.go.ke free of charge.

Duly completed Tender/pre-qualification document should be submitted in plain sealed envelope marked “Pre-qualification of Suppliers” “Tender No…………Pre-qualification No………..For…………………..” Should be addressed to:

The Head of Supplies Chain Management

County Government of Marsabit

P.O.BOX 384-60500


Or be deposited in the tender Box situated at the county Treasury office, in Marsabit Town …………………….

So as to be received on or before Monday 13th July 2015, at 10.00am Tender documents will be opened immediately thereafter in presence of the bidders or their representatives who choose to attend. The County Government of Marsabit reserves the right to accept or reject any tender either in whole or in part. Late bids shall not be accepted.

NB: Bidders from Moyale, North-Horr and Laisamis sub-counties should submit their document to the sub-county administrator’s office by 10th July for onward transmission to the county Head-quarter