Photo :The Marsabit County Executive Committee member for health addressing county committee members during a meeting at health boardroom on Tuesday in preparation for the coming weekend’s free medical camp at the county headquarters


A group of medical specialists will pitch a two day  (Saturday and Sunday, the 27th and 28th of June) free medical camp in Marsabit town.

According to the Marsabit County Executive Committee member for health, Mr. Stephen Labarakwe, over 20 specialists will camp in Marsabit town County Headquarters to offer free health services, and he urged county residents to maximize on the opportunity that will come their way.

Specialists who confirmed that they will touch Marsabit County Headquarter ground include;

  1. John Bosco (consultant general surgeon)
  2. Nuno Ibdirahman (consultant general surgeon)
  3. adan Dima Oge (consultant gynecologists/obstetric VVF surgeon)
  4. Hassan Mahmed (consultant physician)
  5. David Duro Galgallo (consultant pediatrician subspecialty pediatric nephrology)
  6. Chabi Martin (consultant pediatrician)
  7. Dr, Wambua Muatia (registrar gynecology and obstetrics)
  8. Mahad Ali (registrar general surgeon)
  9. Meimuna Adan (registrar ENT)
  10. Al Amin Adan (senior medical officer)
  11. Abubakar Hussein (medical officer)
  12. Aisha khator (medical officer)
  13. Jillo Biko (medical officer)
  14. Issack M Abdi (medical officer)
  15. wako Abdullahi Yusuf (medical officer)
  16. Alma Laibon (medical officer)
  17. Dika Mohammed (medical officer)
  18. Note that : Those awaiting confirmation- Dr. Azim (dental surgeon) with his team of FOUR


By the department of communication, Marsabit County


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