Marsabit County boss Ambassador Ukur Yatani has urged residents of Marsabit to extremely safeguard the peace that they have highly pursued to achieve in the region.

Cases of insecurities were rampant in the region bordering Ethiopia to the North before and during the first months of devolution.

It was due to years of marginalization and oppression that they united in order to achieve self-governance, he said.

“Our first agenda was to ensure that our people can live in peace and harmony, anywhere in the County.  Through our efforts and support of the National government we finally attained peace and tranquility,” said Governor Yatani.

He was speaking during a rally at Karare while flanked by other local leaders and senior County officials.

Amb. Yatani said that the development projects installed in Karare ward is evident by the presence of boreholes, dams, health facilities and roads.

Farmers have since benefited from five tractors, seedlings and other farming tools, and some have donated a surplus of 100 bags maize to the County government to be distributed to the less privileged.

In two weeks’ time, residents of Leyai will receive timber for reconstruction of their houses and an additional tractor to aid in farming activities. He also pledged that the Karare Dam will be fenced to ensure there are no drowning cases.

“Our Governor has no prejudice, and every community is represented in the County Government. One of our key objective in forming the coalition was to ensure there is peace for our people to spur Socio-economic development,” said deputy Governor, Omar Abdi.

North Horr MP, Chachu Ganya assured the Governor of their support come next year’s general election.

Hon Ganya affirmed that his constituents have seen the development brought to their community since devolution.

“I am startled by those opposing Governor Yatani since even in the last general elections he won by huge margins, and in this coming election we shall have more votes,” said Mr Ganya.

Laisamis MP, Joseph Lekuton, acknowledged Amb. Yatani’s efforts in fighting for peace for the Karare residents.

“Through his efforts our people have realized lasting peace, in addition to the remarkable development he has brought in this area, he is indeed a revolutionary leader,” said Mr Lekuton.

Mr Lekuton urged the Governor to assist the youths in acquiring national identity cards since a majority do not have due to discrimination experienced in registration offices. Additionally, he urged Amb. Yatani to help the residents acquire title deeds as well as develop another borehole from the Bongole crater.

Governor Yatani said hydrologists will soon be surveying Bongole crater to certify if there is sufficient water suitable for drilling.

Residents of Manyatta Mincho Minyi, Laisusu and Pakishon were also assured of three 2.5 million cubic meters underground water tanks and rehabilitation of Karare-Songa- Badasa road, this financial year. He also revealed that over 190 acres of land around Karare has been demarcated and by September this year all the inhabitants in that area will have title deeds.

Deputy speaker Sora Guyo said, during the same rally, that leadership is an opportunity to lead the people who put you in that position and that characters of a true leader is to serve people with integrity and without discrimination.

Mr Guyo was seconded by Fabi Narumbe, a nominated MCA, saying that the Turkana community of Marsabit has seen the tremendous development projects that has transformed their lives.

Another MCA, Ms Loko, stressed that women play a significant role in the development of the society and she urged that their roles should be taken seriously.

She applauded the County for upholding the one third gender parity rule.

“We need to embrace one another in harmony despite their different background and cultures because this is a key ingredient in prosperity,” she said.

MCA Ano Mado Azuba told off some leaders who were interfering with the County’s administration.

“They should stick to their mandates and responsibilities instead of causing havoc and conflict wherever they visited,” said Azuba.

Mr Ahmed, who was also present said that that there are leaders who are misusing government resources to fuel propanganda.

“A good Leader should have a stand, not jumping ships all times. What kind of example are you showing your people?” posed Mr Ahmed.



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