Following the sudden deaths of camels in parts of North-Horr and Moyale sub counties, Veterinary Diagnostic Support Team from the National Directorate of Veterinary Services in the State Department have arrived in the Marsabit county to conduct rapid emergency intervention.

The Chief Officer for Livestock, Dr. Halkano Arero, said the county government had already dispatched a team of veterinary officers to the ground to do initial diagnosis based on clinical and pathological signs where acute trypanosomiasis, hemorrhagic  septicaemia and heart water diseases were highly suspected to be behind the camels’ deaths.

Based on the advice received from the National Directorate of Veterinary Services which informed earlier findings established from similar incident of   camels’ deaths reported in Wajir County, Dr Arero said the Department of Livestock had purchased 2 million worth of drugs,namely,Antiprotozoals Triquin, Antibiotics and Tick Control regime.

Further, the department, Dr Arero added, had appealed to the non-state actors to support the response initiative where, so far, MIONET, Regional Pastoral Livelihood Project and VSF Germany had pledged to offer immediate assistance in that regard.

He also disclosed that his department had also engaged in massive publicity drive on the outbreaks through the local radio stations.

According to the county livestock chief officer, the first case of camels’  deaths was reported in areas bordering Wajir County, and particularly in Shuur location. He observed that while in Wajir County, only adult lactating and in-calf camels were mostly affected, in Marsabit County, camels of all age groups and sex were hard hit.

Dr Arero revealed that late reporting of the incident of camel’s deaths, inaccessibility of certain geographical locations where cases of the outbreaks of camels’ deaths were reported and the tendency among the pastoralists to  purchase drugs and indiscriminately administer them to their livestock, continue to pose a big challenge to response initiatives.

So far, 257 camels have died ever since the the first incident was reported ten days ago.

Herders are advised to consider early disease reporting for prompt intervention and livestocks life saving besides averting further outbreak.

Contact Numbers for the County veterinary officers’ immediate response are as follows:

Moyale Sub County: Adan Waqo- 0722213765

North-Horr Sub County: Dabaso Barako- 0727691146

County Director of Livestock: Dr. Boku Botha- 0721626248

County Livestock Chief Officer: Dr. Halkano Arero- 0715703700

Herders can also report animal illness to their chiefs and Ward administrators who can easily furnish county veterinary officers with information to be acted on swiftly.

Mostly affected areas include; Shuur Location (Qoran Gogo, Wachu Basuka, Haro Baniti), and Bubisa area.

Camels’ death report is also coming from areas in Moyale Sub Counties such as: Qolob, Dabel, Laqi and Yabalo.

There is fear of further camels illness spread and thus lots of support needed from all wellwishers.Type a message

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