The government of the people, by the people and for the people was true testimony by the residents of North-Horr ward for the county government of Marsabit.

The residents, who welcomed the county leadership thunderously during their meet the people tour / inspection of development projects, asserted that they are satisfied with the regime on power, adding that development projects within the ward are commendable and they presumed same have been happening across the vast/ unique county of Marsabit.

Elations were on high tone as the county leadership traversed different areas within North-Horr ward as dances and songs greeted the leaders’ entourage that visited areas such as: Qorqa, Malalba- gal chirro, El-besso, Malabot, North-Horr town and final culmination at Galas (Gas).

An elder (the former North-Horr ward councilor), Mr. Galgallo Tuye said there can never be a time when all people think same way but through fruitful dialogue things normally work out well.

Mr. Tuye said, “Forgiveness is surrendering ability against offenders, unforgiving heart is sick. There must be constructive dialogue to cushion any society from internal wrangles that may make it get balkanized”.

The North_Horr constituency Member of Parliament Hon. Chachu Ganya who was pleased with the ward residents grand reception, told youths, “Your are the pillars of the society, ages of goodies are youthful times and it must be used wisely as the future of every society depends on the current productive young generation”.

Ganya added that, “Youths area bearers of community’s continuity. Work/ future endeavor is all about commitments in life, urging youths not only dream of white collar jobs when professional skills can earn focused minds aspiring livelihood”.

North_Horr legislator further said that there is no shortcut to development but useful dialogue can be a receipt for desired development/progression, as he advised youths to venture into an entrepreneurial culture which he said is about self commitment. He urged North-Horr youths to stand up to reality so as to achieve in the current challenging and dynamic life.

The Marsabit County governor Ambassador Ukur Yatani told youths that the journey to his or any other leaders’ leadership began long ago as they struggled for, and thus urged them (youths) to set their priorities, embrace discipline/hard work, life commitments among other things.

Governor Yatani appealed to youths to extremely work hard so as to earn better living besides becoming true ambassadors within the mighty county of Marsabit and beyond.

The Marsabit county boss during his tour to North-Horr ward officially commissioned the laying of North-Horr health centre foundation, commissioned the North-Horr water supply, officially opened North-Horr Sub- County Headquarters office and inspected various development projects within the ward.

The governor was flanked by his deputy Omar Abdi Ali, North-Horr MP Chachu Ganya, MCAs- Sora Guyo, Pius Yatani, Elema Diba, Lokho Abduba, CECs among other county leaders and employees.

By the department of communication, Marsabit County









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