Marsabit county, of the 47 counties in Kenya is the first to have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Micro and Small Enterprises Authority(MSEA) with the noble intent to promote, develop and regulate Micro and Small Enterprises in the county.

The Marsabit County governor Ambassador Ukur Yatani today at Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi signed a three year MOU pact with the Chief Executive Officer of the Micro and Small Enterprises Authority, Mr. Patrick K. Mwangi so as to empower the county in the effective service delivery and promotion of socio-economic development.

Governor Yatani who is passionate with the county’s entrepreneurial growth was optimistic the signed MOU document will enhance promotion, development and facilitation of markets access for MSE products, provision of business development services, development of MSE Centres of Excellence/MSE infrastructures, worksites, development of technology transfer programmes and Technology acquisition MSEs within the county and beyond.

According to the Marsabit County CEC member for Trade,Tourism, Industry and Enterprises development Mr. Golicha Sora, the immediate focus for the signed agreement was value addition to locally available products such as; fish, milk, agricultural produce, salt, honey, leather work among others.

Sora revealed that MUO pact will see fully  equiping of three Constituency Industrial Development Centres(CIDCs) in Korr, North-Horr and Sololo.

He said the agreement will promote marketing of local products by working directly with Export Promotion (EPC) Council.

The CEC further added that MSEA will post expert staff who will be based in Marsabit   to support county’s entrepreneurial growth.

The target beneficiaries for this is especially youths and women.

MSEA is a state corporation duly established and mandated to promote, develop and regulate Micro and Small Enterprises through formulation and harmonization of policies for development of MSEs.

For the case of Marsabit, it was evidenced that MSE sector in County has great entrepreneurial potential that is yet to be fully exploite

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