Illeret ward residents, as required in the current Kenyan 2010 constitution   have confirmed that public participation in budget planning is a reality with the County government of Marsabit.

Illeret residents, when participating in 2016/17 budget making process in their ward, attested to the fact, that as deemed in the Kenyan current law, area residents were glad to report that for the second time they have been given an opportune time to make their informed decision on their priority areas of development.

They commended the county leadership for ensuring that public participation process has been made a reality as stipulated in the Kenyan law that guarantee community felt needs are identified, prioritized and implemented as agreed by ward(s) residents.

Illeret people prioritized their 2016/2017 sh.46.6 million ward budget as follows: Adrift at Lagga Ilkimire(10million), a slab at Lagga Nahicham (8million), integrated (classroom, solar lighting, furniture, fencing, toilet, water tank & guttering) El-Maasich ECD centre commutatively valued at sh. 7.5 million, Illeret Secondary administration block together with solar lighting & furniture at sh.7 million, Telesgai  primary solar lighting at sh. 2 million.

Dry fish store together with solar lighting and Rachs among other fishing needs at sh. 6 million.

Integrated Illeret social hall that includes solar lighting and furniture valued at sh. 4 million.

Illeret ward administrator’s office solar lighting plus other office requirements at sh. 1.5 million.

Marsabit County Financial Year 2016/17 budget planning development estimates as per the Commission for Revenue Allocation (CRA) formula based on population, equal share, poverty, land area, fiscal responsibility, development factors and personal emoluments for the four Sub Counties of Marsabit are as follows:

North-Horr Sub County; Maikona ward sh. 66, 455, 518. 70, Dukana sh. 63, 606, 621.19, North Horr ward sh. 61, 704, 600. 91, Turbi sh. 51, 594, 077. 36 and Illeret ward sh. 46, 639, 181.82

Moyale Sub county; Heilu Manyatta sh. 43, 016, 743.98, Golbo sh. 57, 734, 938.65, Moyale Township sh. 32, 996, 998.09, Uran sh. 36, 984, 521.91, Butiye sh. 39, 436, 575. 71, Sololo  sh. 28, 135, 818. 76, and  Obbu sh. 31, 694, 402. 89

laisamis sub county; Korr/Ngurnit sh. 60, 229, 935. 46, Loiyangalani sh. 53, 439, 590. 80, Laisamis sh. 47, 795, 334. 31, Kargi/South Horr sh. 45, 723, 169. 07, and Loglogo sh. 32, 811, 960. 36

Saku Sub county; Marsabit Central sh. 75, 020, 038.89, Sagante sh. 68, 012, 747. 41and Karare sh. 56, 967, 213.71.

By department of communication, Marsabit


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