Following the request by the  county government of Marsabit in a letter referenced MCG/TRA/1(67) dated 4th February 2016 made to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) for the De-Gazettement of Segel Airstrip in respect of an export abattoir and quarantine construction in Segel, a team of ten people have toured Marsabit for a site visit to explore a suitable site for re-location of Segel Aerodrome.

KCAA in response to the letter has granted the county government of Marsabit approval for the development subject to the condition that the county government immediately initiate plans to identify land for re-location of the Airstrip in order to allow for future expansion.

The ten member team that comprised of inter-government agencies were drawn from; Ministry of Defence,KCAA, KAA, Ministry of transport and Infrastructure,NIS, and Meteorological dept.

KCAA promised to partner with Marsabit County government in its endeavor to develop a world class abattoir complex while enhancing aviation safety/security and fostering welfare of the livelihoods of the county and Kenya at large.

The County government in its airstrip re-location request stated that the abattoir shall be a state of the art facility with waste management systems that ensures no exposure of the waste that can attract birds hence there will be no danger exposed to aircraft operations.

KCAA notes that although the development of the abattoir may not impact operations of the Airstrip currently used, it may constrain future expansion and thus re-location is worthwhile.

The ten member team that paid visit to Marsabit were received by the county deputy governor Omar Abdi Ali.

By the department of Communication, Marsabit

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