In order to support a rapidly-growing economy as envisaged in the Kenya Vision 2030, the County Government has continued to sustain and expand the on-going public investments in road and water supplies.  Great strides have already been made in the road construction and rehabilitation which include construction of new roads, rehabilitation and maintenance of existing roads. Prior to the inception of the county government, there were serious road connectivity challenges where some parts of the county simply unreachable. The situation had adversely affected trade and investment. The County lacked basic infrastructure, which is considered a prerequisite for economic growth and development.  

The County government has made tremendous progress since FY 2013/14 in opening up of several towns through improvement of rural access roads and gravelling and grading of major roads in the County. Substantial amount of funds were allocated to the sector in FY 2014/15, FY 2015/16 and 2016/17 and the same will be maintained to improve the road network in the county. Upgrading of Merrille-Marsabit-Moyale road to bitumen standard is nearing completion. This major road project will indeed put Marsabit on the global map and open up the area to trade and investment and ease movement of goods and labour.  

In the year 2016/2017, the Department was allocated a total of Kshs 547,655,580 comprising of Kshs. 191,854,889 for Recurrent and Kshs. 355,800,691 for Development expenditures. The county government intends to use the money to open up at least 1500Kms of new roads, rehabilitate 550Kms of existing roads and build 14 new bridges. The county government also plans to design and upgrade to bitumen standards 4Kms of roads within Marsabit town. This is one of the flagship projects and an important deliverable for the department of roads, public works and housing.  

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