The department of Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development has made significant strides in promoting economic development through entrepreneurship development of SMEs by conducting youth trainings, organizing investor conference, business infrastructure development through construction of new markets in both urban and rural towns as well as Marsabit modern market which is nearing completion. Other achievements include establishment of county enterprise fund, private sector development through the revival of the Marsabit Chamber of Commerce and Industry among others. 

The county government will continue to invest more in the key areas of intervention including promotion of agri-business, youth and women empowerment, enhanced trade, tourism, industrial development, microenterprises and cooperative development. On youth and Women empowerment, the department of Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development will build on on-going youth and women support programmes to tap the creativity and knowledge of the young people so as to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. Priority will also be given to skills development and access to credit to enable this group to be the dynamic drivers of growth and employment creation. 

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