The second County Assembly of Marsabit was sworn in today ,the  7th September 2017.The twenty(20) elected MCAs together with the ten (10) who were nominated to the house by various political parties took the oath of office before the Assembly clerk, Mr. Mohammud Kamaya.

The elected members are from the following parties; Jubilee (7), FAP (5), KANU (2), PNU (3), New Democrat (1),ANC (1) and MCCP(1).

Matthew Lole Loltome retained the speaker’s seat as he was the only one who presented his papers for nomination. “Considering that there was only one, one Loltome Mathew who had submitted his completed nomination paper together with the relevant supporting documents for election as speaker at the expiry of the nomination period, I hereby invoke the provisions of standing order 11(1) and forthwith declare Loltome Mathew as the elected speaker without any ballot or voting being required” the Assembly clerk, Mr. Mahmoud Kamaya read.

After the swearing in of the speaker, and there being no other business , the house was adjourned till the following Tuesday, the 12th September 2017 when deputy speaker,chairpersons of the assembly committees,chair of budget, among others will be elected.

Having taken oath of office, the 30 Assembly members are subscribed to the business of house.

By Boru Molmolla- the Marsabit County Communication

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