The Marsabit County governor H.E Mohamud Mohammed Ali, today Wednesday 13th September 2017 graced the official opening of the Second Marsabit County Assembly held at Marsabit County Assembly Chamber. Governor Ali while terming devolution as one of the most celebrated milestones of Kenyan 2010 constitution, acclaimed the rationale behind devolved system of governance as it gave power of self governance to people besides promotion of social-economic development and facilitation of the decentralized state organs. The county chief asserted that the objectives of devolution cannot be met unless the two levels of government works together in harmony and thus all leaders have to demonstrate confidence in their leadership. He added that, there must exist a mutual and symbiotic relationship between the Executive and the Assembly arm of the county government. As he made reference to the county budget for the year 2017/18 which is still at the county Assembly stage awaiting approval as last Assembly did not pass before its dissolution, the county governor urged members to expeditiously approve the budget so as to effect delivery of services to the people of Marsabit. He further informed the Assembly members the over 1billion pending bills of the past government, urging them to factor in the 2018/19 budget. To fulfil promises made during campaign period, he said his government must put in place a well organized human resource base to support efficient service delivery. In reference to human resource, the governor said that the recently established task force aims at reviewing the structure,composition and the qualification of existing work force so as to provide feasible recommendations on the required actions. He added that any restructuring or changes that might be effected will not be used to target individuals based on their ethnicity,religion or political persuasions. The county CEO informed the house that his government has secured Ksh. 144 million from European Union and he wished it to be utilized in construction of fish processing plants and refrigeration facilities both in Loiyangalani and Illeret. As he revealed that average distance to a health facility in the county as 52 Km, ten times further than national target of 5Km, the governor said that to address it, he government must ensure medical equipments and drugs are available in all hospitals and health centres besides being sufficiently staffed. To enhance health service, the governor said his government will allocate 60 million to facilitate access NHIF medical cover. “We intend to support 500 individuals from every ward to acquire NHIF cards translating to 10,000 principal members across the county” said governor Ali. To address water challenges, the county boss revealed that special emphasis will be on rain water harvesting and reliance on massive storage for both livestock and human consumption. To supplement the available resources, governor Ali revealed that his administration has secured Ksh 1.8 billion from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and development, and the governor intend to direct 50% of the fund to develop water infrastructure. The governor assured that his administration will engage the public in discussion on their development priorities. He further said that his administration places strong focus on the peace and stability for harmonious coexistence of all communities. Marsabit County Assembly speaker Hon. Mathew Loltome emphasised that members must work together to serve people of Marsabit County, adding that they must understand that the future prosperity, peace, and security of the county is firmly and safer in their hands. By Boru Molmolla- Department of Communication

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