The Second Cabinet of Marsabit County, today took oath of office, a day after which the County governor H. E Mohamud Mohammed Ali received the vetted and approved list of the 10 nominees.

Governor Ali as he commended the Marsabit County Assembly for expediting the vetting and approving the process, termed the assembly’s work as efficiency at it’s best, adding that it gave him a lot of confidence and reassurance that he was right in his cabinet selection.

The County Chief, having said that services to the people should not wait any longer, the best support that the cabinet can give his government is to work efficiently.

Governor Ali told the new cabinet to keep in mind that they benefitted from the appointment because the people of Marsabit voted for change and this depicts that they have very limited options, and thus they must strive to the change that people wanted to see in Marsabit. He revealed that the cabinet reflect the true face of Marsabit County, not only in terms of qualifications but also the ethnicity of each member.

The governor warned the cabinet, “Your ethnicity was only important in so far as the selection and recruitment process was concerned. Now that you are in office, the ethnic card has outlived it’s usefulness. You are a CEC member for Marsabit County but not a CEC member for your clan or your ethnic group”.

He added, “You might have had a support from your tribe or clan during the selection process but do not count on their protection to remain in my government. After all, I am not intending to get support from your clan merely for appointing you to the cabinet position. I want to earn their support based on a job well done and services well delivered”.

The County CEO told the cabinet that he doesn’t ask for any favours, praises or blind support for having appointed them to the second County cabinet, but all he wants is efficient and effective service delivery to the people of Marsabit in a timely manner.

County Chief Officers list has been sent to the county public service board for interviews.

By Boru Molmolla-the department of Communication, Marsabit County

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