The County Government of Marsabit has embarked on the development of the second generation Intergrated  Development Plan (2018-2022) as the first generation CIDP( 2013-2017 )is coming to an end.

H.E the Deputy Governor during the launch of Public Participation for the development of the CIDP 2018-2022

The Marsabit County deputy governor H. E Solomon Gubo Riwe  today while officially launching the preparation of the new document at Marsabit Jirime Resort, revealed that the process has already began at sectoral level and is  being spearheaded by the County’s department of finance and economic planning.

The deputy County boss said that the review of previous CIDP (2013-2017) will provide good baseline for the preparation of the 2018-2022 CIDP.

The DG asserted that the current CIDP preparation process will be linked to the vision 2030,Medium Term Plan III, Sustainable Development Goals, African Agenda 2063, Sendai Framework of action on Disaster Risk Reduction among others.

He further said that the preparation process will mainstream key cross cutting areas affecting the County which include; climate change, Disaster Risk Reduction, Ending drought Emergencies, Environmental Degradation, Gender, Youth, vulnerable/people with disabilities, HIV/AIDS among others.

The deputy County Chief reiterated that public participation is no longer a privilege but it’s obligation for all and the current process of preparing CIDP will be highly participatory and thus must involve communities, County and national government departments, all development partners, civil society organizations, Faith Based Organization among others.

Revealing that the County leadership has organized for public participation forums (between 25th – 31st January 2018) across all the administrative wards to get first hand priorities of ‘Wananchi’, the DG urged all Marsabit community to participate in the forums, as he called on elites to guide on priorities.

Members derived from County Government departments, the County Assembly and other stakeholders follow keenly during the launch of the Public Participation

He directed the department of Finance and Economic planing to ensure government’s manifesto and Transformative Agenda is mainstreamed in the current CIDP.

The Marsabit County Commissioner, Meru Mwangi who said that wise people think about the the end, urged the people of Marsabit and it’s leadership to ensure that the plan is in line with national goals, adding that it must be need driven and participatory as it endeavours to meet peoples’ aspirations.

The Marsabit County Secretary Malicha Boru echoed the County Commissioner that the plan must be people centred plan and thus everyone should marshal his/her effort for the realization of the desired outcome.

A consultant, Dr. Dennis Ochieng who shared an African proverb, “If you want to travel far, travel alone but if you want to travel farthest, travel with people”, said the Bottom-up (participatory) approach in the preparation of the current CIDP process is indeed vital.

Dr. Ochieng said that the County priorities need to be aligned to the current plan under preparation.

He revealed that county priorities be aligned to plans by; identifying key desirable components of the old CIDP that could be retained and built upon, identifying the sectoral priorities within the County-presented by the County and also identifying other things needed/issues that demand attention.

By Boru Molmolla– The department of Communication.

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