The  County Public Service Board of Marsabit has delegated some of it’s power(human resource function) to 19 authorized officers.

The 19 authorized officers include; the sixteen chief officers, the principal administrative secretary, the chief of staff and the county secretary.

The head of HR and county legal services shall join the committee to whom powers have delegated soon.

The Marsabit County governor H. E Mohammed Ali who graced the delegation of power to authorized officers function, advised the authorized officers that they must ensure that their conduct both in public and private life must not bring the Marsabit County public service or county government into disrepute.

“You will be required to demonstrate respect for the people, bring honor to the Marsabit County and dignity to the office you hold, and promote public confidence and integrity as enshrined in chapter Six of 2010 Kenyan constitution” the county chief informed the authorized officers.

The county boss added, “Understand that some functions are delegated to you (authorized officers)simply because the county public service board cannot be present in every department but you must understand the limits of powers delegated to you. There are a number of checks from county public service board and from us as well”.

The county governor reiterated that every employee of the county is given chance to offer exemplary public service delivery,what great people of Marsabit requires but not a show-off while executing public service.

The county CEO sent a strong warning to those sleeping on their jobs, as he expressed disgust with performance of some departments.

” You must evaluate yourself. The business of taking things casually can not apply in my administration,I can not watch when you are under-performing or not delivering services that public requires” the governor warned county workforce.

During the function,the County Executive Committee members,the principal administrative Secretary,chief of staff and county secretary took oath of administration of leadership and integrity code before the Marsabit High Court resident magistrate Mbayaki Wafula.

The Marsabit county public service board secretary Mohammednoor Adan revealed that, of the 47 counties,Marsabit county is the first county to have delegated some of it’s power to authorized officers.

The board secretary urged the authorized officers to execute their work fairly and in honest manner possible,free of discrimination,nepotism among other vice.

By Boru Molmolla -the department of Communication, Marsabit County

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