“The success stories of devolution that is told everywhere across Kenya should also be told here in Marsabit. Yes, the devolution story must also be our story” the Marsabit county governor H.E Mohammed Mohamud Ali has said.

Governor Ali was speaking at Marsabit Moi Girls High School during this year’s county dialogue on devolution where discussions on gains and challenges of devolution exhaustively shared.

Representatives from all the twenty administrative wards of Marsabit county converged at the County Headquarters where devolution experiences were shared.

This county dialogue conference was a precursor to the annual devolution conference that will take place in Kakamega County next Month(April).

Prior to this year’s annual devolution conference, the thematic sectors over which discussions dwelled are; Health services,Agriculture and Food Security,Trade and Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Urban development, and this was in line with President Uhuru Kenyatta’s BIG FOUR Agenda.

Governor Ali believed that the real economic,social and political potential of Marsabit county cannot be realized if county populace continue to be held back by retrogressive tribal mind sets,adding that progress ahead means confronting the dark corners of the past and ethnic divisions which is a past that must be dealt with in order for the great county to realize its desired development beacons.

The county chief educated the public that, Marsabit county belongs to all those who live in it and call it home, and everyone in every corner of the county must therefore have equal access to every opportunity within the county.

“For the county’s progress everyone must be involved in decision making through regular public participation- Let you be the one to define your own priorities, throughout the five years you will set your priorities and these must be implemented” the county CEO informed the county dialogue forum participants.

The governor directed the CECs and relevant departments staff to highlight their endeavoured key sector specific progress and respond to those concerns accordingly without any delay or failure. He added that devolution must be felt at the grassroot by the common Mwananchi.

The county deputy governor H.E Solomon Gubo Riwe,informed the forum participants that they represent wards they came from and thus as they go back they should share their devolution experiences,lessons learnt among others with those at home.

The DG urged every department to educate the public on the services they offer e.g. through local FMs or any other media outlets besides reaching them.

By Boru Molmolla-the department of communication, Marsabit county

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