Marsabit County, located in Northern Kenya, is one of the richest in natural minerals, with a unique topography and rare wildlife niche. The largest of Kenya’s 47 semi-autonomous regions, the County boasts of a huge landmass covering 70,961.3 square kilometers with a population of more than 310,000 people and is endowed with scenic valleys rich in pattern.

Ours is a County endowed with abundant natural resources and a diversified climate. It also has several  agro-ecological zones and sub-zones, each with its own physical and biological potential.

This makes Marsabit viable and attractive for premier world class tourism products ranging from astro-tourism to niche cultural, archaeological beach fronts, game drives, desert safaris, golf cities and desert rallies.

The rugged  terrain, crater  lakes and  natural resources, including rare wildlife and birds, present diverse investment opportunities. Blessed with immense solar and wind power potential, Marsabit is well positioned for phenomenal growth in the green energy sector.

The oil and natural resources in the region can play a decisive role in the economic, social and environmental development for the County. This is why my administration is out to ensure that the natural resources heritage/cultural tourism and ecotourism opportunities contribute more to its development. We in the County Government are therefore committed to the principles of sustainable development. We explore all avenues to boost the investment climate in the region.

Over the years, the County was marginalized in development due to skewed administrative policies introduced by the colonial governments. The policies discriminated  against the minority and consigned  them to poverty, because there was little or no ‘trickle down approach’ to exploitation of national resources. But this has now largely changed with the prom- ulgation of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, which decentralized power, re- sources and decision making to the grassroots. The constitutional pro- visions have now empowered the Counties to exploit hitherto infinite resources that were underutilized.

Exploitation of some of these resources requires policies that attract

Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) to foster economic competitiveness and  development. This is why Marsabit County is open to business and is calling on investors to exploit the investment potential in various sectors.

Marsabit County is out to partner with foreign investors to bring world-class production, management and technical expertise to help fast track its domestic growth.

The County is endowed with rich and diverse livestock and fisheries with capabilities to sup- ply live animals ranging from cattle, camel, sheep and goats and can supply fresh meat and meat products to regional and international markets alike.

We want value addition for our livestock products and we target veterinary services, meat and milk processing plants, leather and tannery industries jointly through partnerships.

Marsabit has abundant land for infrastructural projects like airports, dry ports, learning institutions, irrigation projects, real estate development, ranches, industries, stadia, beach resort hotels, holiday homes, parks and amusement facilities, a great market potential for trade partnerships.

The arable grazing land  is  ripe  for  agriculture, horticulture, floriculture and bee-keeping. Mount Marsabit tropical rainforest is a gift of nature featuring a rainforest surrounded by a desert and two crater lakes – Lake Paradise and  Lake Sokorte. Lake Turkana South, Mt Marsabit and Sibiloi National Park, the home of Koobi Fora (famous globally as the Cradle of Mankind), further complement its natural attractions.

The parks are located in a scenic and breath- taking beautiful terrain of craters, with rare wildlife and bird species. Marsabit is a natural filming destination.

Our County is equally endowed with rare earth minerals, heavy metals like copper, iron ore and gold, as well as limestone, salt, mineral sands and asbestos among others, presenting various industrial opportunities. The County is conducting a geological survey to establish the exact quantities and location of the minerals.

We are ready to expand investment and business opportunities and invite partners with the capabilities to get us there. Be the partner of choice!


H.E Mohamud Mohmmed Ali

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