SATURDAY 14/07/2018.

Governor Mohamud Mohamed Ali has warned lazy and incompetent members of his cabinet that they risk being sacked should they not deliver as per set standards.

Speaking on Saturday in Saku town where he officiated the signing of performance contracts by his executive committee members, Governor Mohamud said his administration is committed to integrity and accountability in the workforce.

” And for those of you who keep vouchers for some time, waiting for people to come and talk to you, we have no room for you and things must be processed immediately. Here we are talking of zero tolerance to corruption ” He said.

This principled trajectory will continue in his appointment of advisers, Chief Officers etc through a rigorous yet open process that ensures only the best qualified and most capable of hands are entrusted in manning core positions of governance.

H.E the Governor speaking during the signing of the performance contracting and project monitoring system launch at Jirime Resort

The county chief put on notice the rogue contractors that a new committee will be formed that will be frequently moving around the county inspecting numerous infrastructural and industrial projects initiated by his government to ensure respective contractors involved are up and working to the required standards and not fooling the county by executing shoddy jobs.

” My government will constitute an acceptance committee that will be closely monitoring projects, people who do not do their work properly must not be issued with certificates.”

The Governor, in a stern warning put on notice lazy staffs in his government saying that there will be no room for them.

” I am not in the business of harassing people, I don’t want a situation whereby when the governor is around people are terrified and all that kind of feeling but there is one thing that I will never tolerate ,people who sleep on their job,people who don’t perform ,people who do not consider the public number one” He said.

AHADI/USAID project representative and the Consultant, Joyce Nyamweya presenting the Performance monitoring tools to H.E the Governor.

Equally, the governor revealed that he will sack those who won’t deliver service to public to the expectations of his administration.

” If you play around with service delivery to public , then that will be the person who will attract my wrath ” Governor Ali said.

Further, the county boss promised to recognize and motivate the effort of those hardworking staffs in their respective departments.

” In equal measures those who will perform well, we shall recognize you, we shall motivate you, we shall reward you” The Governor said.