In accordance to the provisions that calls for openness, accountability and public participation in Financial and Planning Matters, the County Government of Marsabit  wishes to invite public members, Civil Society Groups, Private sectors, state agencies ,interested individuals and groups to submit written proposals, views, comments and memoranda for inclusion in the ADP for 2019/20 FY

The ADP is expected to lay strategic priorities for the county for the next financial year and provide a list of all programmes and projects to be delivered while at the same time providing indicative budgets for the programmes. The programmes and projects in the ADP will be drawn from the current county Integrated development plan CIDP (2018-2022) which you participated to develop.

Submissions may be made to the office of the Chief Officer, Finance and Economic Planning in the County Treasury or any Sub county or Wards offices across the county. Soft copies can also be submitted online via email: so as to be received on or before 29th August, 2018