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Marsabit County Peace Tournament Summary Report

The Marsabit County Peace Tournament that took place over the weekends at Marsabit Stadium has successfully ended with Laisamis emerging the overall winner. This peace tournament is one among the many avenues the County Government of Marsabit is employing to promote peaceful co-existence among the diverse ethnic communities of Marsabit County.

The tournament brought together participants from all the four subcounties including the local leaders, politicians, administration officials and Saku Subcounty residents where the tournament was held.

Addressing the players and spectators, the Marsabit County Governor, H.E Amb. Ukur Yatani, observed that Marsabit County was known for many good things that need to be harnessed positively for the good of the people of the county. He recalled that, back in the day, Marsabit County used to lead in sports and that it was time that the past sporting reputation which used to define this county need to be recouped.

Ambassador Kanacho further observed that his government had already invested enough resources to build the sporting architecture of the county. He said the county government of Marsabit had injected Ksh. 9.4 Million to develop both Loiyangalani and Maikona Stadia and a further Ksh. 1.5 Million for each of the 20 Wards. He added that the expenditure for the previous Subcounty sports competition that was held at the four subcounty level was Ksh. 4,014,900 while the expenditure at the County competition stood at Ksh. 3,112,900 and a further Ksh. 3,494,000 was spent to procure sports equipment and uniforms.

The governor pledged that the County Government of Marsabit was seriously contemplating the prospect of developing the Marsabit Stadium so that the facility meets modern standards. He said his government is also considering the possibility of setting up a sports training institution in an express bid to produce high caliber sportsmen and sportswomen.

The governor, however, cautioned the mushrooming of small scale vendors against setting up kiosks inside Marsabit Stadium.

He enjoined young people to embrace sports as an instrument of peace building, conflict management and peaceful co-existence.

Final Sports Competition at Marsabit County HQs Held Today

A major sporting activity is taking place at Marsabit County Headquarters. The event started yesterday with an official launch presided over by H.E Deputy Governor,Mr. Omar Abdi. Various teams from all the four subcounties have arrived at Marsabit Town. The final event is held today and the governor is expected to attend the official closing ceremony.

More borehole sunk in Marsabit County

The County Government of Marsabit, in it strategic life saving intervention programs through provision of water to the  people and their livestock, has once again sunk a high yielding borehole at Hawaye in Shur Location. For more details, please click here

Marsabit County Tourism Potential – A video Documentary

Marsabit County has immense tourism potential. It has varieties of beautiful natural landscape ranging from oasis mist mountains,deserts,lakes,wild life,and varieties of cultures, about 14 different ethnic groups.

For more details on tourism potential within  the County of Marsabit, please watch this video documentary by clicking here on the link below.

Updates on the forthcoming Lake Turkana Cultural Festival

Preparations for the forthcoming Lake Turkana Cultural Festival is gaining momentum day by day. H.E the governor, Amb. Ukur Yatani, delivered a press briefing at National Museum of Kenya on 7th May,2014.

For further details of the press briefing, please click here

The Governor’s Visit to the Middle East

A delegation of the County Government of Marsabit’s top management team led by H.E the governor, Amb. Ukur Yatani visited the Middle East recently during the Annual Investors Meeting held in the United Arab Emirates. The team also visited the Chairman of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
The overall objective of the trip was to conduct a market analysis of livestock and livestock products in United Arab Emirates and also get the necessary market information and contacts for eventual export of livestock products from the county to the Middle East.
The team comprised CEC Member for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, the CEC Member for Trade, Enterprise Development and Cooperative and the Economic Advisor to the governor.
A week later, a team of potential investors from the Middle East had come to visit Marsabit as a follow-up of the same. During their visit to Marsabit, the team had discussions with various stakeholders in the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.
A joint team comprising senior officials from the County Government of Marsabit accompanied the team of the potential investors on a field visit to identify the possible sites to setup an abattoir and a livestock breeding ground. Further discussions to bring onboard all the relevant stakeholders, communities and area leaders is expected to continue in the days to come given the magnitude of the project. The livestock sector is a key priority sector for the county government given that it’s an economic mainstay for most households in the county.

Marsabit County is The Place To Watch The Solar Eclipse

A Hybrid Solar Eclipse will occur on 3rd November, 2013 at Alia Bay on the shores of Lake Turkana in Marsabit County. The site is just one of fifteen such eclipse viewing sites in the world. The last such eclipse took place in 1973. On Wednesday, 2nd October, 2013 a media briefing event on this rare spectacle was held at Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi. The event graced by various dignitaries was officially opened by the Cabinet Secretary for East African Community and Tourism Mrs. Phyllis Kandie. Other dignitaries included Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and the Arts Dr. Hassan Wario.


The media breakfast by NMK, KWS, Brand Kenya, and Kenya Tourism Board gave a sneak preview of the solar eclipse itinerary, media caravan and tourist highlights within Marsabit County. The Marsabit County Government and KWS have identified several camp sites for viewers and dignitaries. All local tourists, Kenyans, astrology enthusiasts and adventure seekers are welcome.

Come View The Solar Eclipse At The Cradle of Mankind

Marsabit County has the sole honour of hosting a solar eclipse on 3rd November, 2013. This event can ONLY be viewed within a three (3) kilometer stretch at Alia Bay on the shores of Lake Turkana, Alia Bay is a short distance from Koobi Fora “The Cradle of Mankind”. The County Government of Marsabit wishes to invite all Kenyans and visitors from every corner of the world to come and watch this extremely rare event and also sample other wonderful vistas of the county.