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Marsabit County is The Place To Watch The Solar Eclipse

A Hybrid Solar Eclipse will occur on 3rd November, 2013 at Alia Bay on the shores of Lake Turkana in Marsabit County. The site is just one of fifteen such eclipse viewing sites in the world. The last such eclipse took place in 1973. On Wednesday, 2nd October, 2013 a media briefing event on this rare spectacle was held at Intercontinental Hotel in Nairobi. The event graced by various dignitaries was officially opened by the Cabinet Secretary for East African Community and Tourism Mrs. Phyllis Kandie. Other dignitaries included Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and the Arts Dr. Hassan Wario.


The media breakfast by NMK, KWS, Brand Kenya, and Kenya Tourism Board gave a sneak preview of the solar eclipse itinerary, media caravan and tourist highlights within Marsabit County. The Marsabit County Government and KWS have identified several camp sites for viewers and dignitaries. All local tourists, Kenyans, astrology enthusiasts and adventure seekers are welcome.

Come View The Solar Eclipse At The Cradle of Mankind

Marsabit County has the sole honour of hosting a solar eclipse on 3rd November, 2013. This event can ONLY be viewed within a three (3) kilometer stretch at Alia Bay on the shores of Lake Turkana, Alia Bay is a short distance from Koobi Fora “The Cradle of Mankind”. The County Government of Marsabit wishes to invite all Kenyans and visitors from every corner of the world to come and watch this extremely rare event and also sample other wonderful vistas of the county.