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The County Government of Marsabit, established by the constitution of Kenya 2010, article 176 intends to prepare the second generation County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP 2018-2022). The main objective of the assignment is to produce a high quality CIDP 2018-2022 with a long term perspective to guide county government of Marsabit in achievement of her social-economic development agenda while enhancing environmental sustainability. The County Government of Marsabit invites qualified interested illegible bidders to submit their expression of interest (EOI). The expected period for undertaking the expression of Interest for the preparation of CIDP in the county shall be fourteen working days ending on 28th November 2017 at 10:00am.

Those willing to participate are asked to liaise with officers on 0725 734139, 0728 808805, 0718 743171 or writing to us on our official email address of

Interested illegible bidders must submit two(2) copies clearly marking each ‘’ ORIGINAL TENDER and ‘’COPY OF TENDER’’ of the EOI with all the necessary documentations in a plain sealed envelope clearly LABELLED PREPARATION OF 2NDMARSABIT COUNTY(2018-2022) CIDP along with a covering letter duly signed by an authorizing signatory before 28th November 2017.

The document should be deposited in the tender box situated at the Governor’s Office addressed to:

The County Secretary
County Government of Marsabit
P. O. Box384-60500,


The EoI documents submitted shall be opened thereafter at the county executive offices at the headquarters in the presence of bidders or their representatives who choose to attend.

The EOI will be evaluated and qualifying firms issued with Request for Proposal (RFPs) documents thereafter.


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CIDP( 2018-2022) Preparation

The Second County Cabinet Sworn in


The Second Cabinet of Marsabit County, today took oath of office, a day after which the County governor H. E Mohamud Mohammed Ali received the vetted and approved list of the 10 nominees.

Governor Ali as he commended the Marsabit County Assembly for expediting the vetting and approving the process, termed the assembly’s work as efficiency at it’s best, adding that it gave him a lot of confidence and reassurance that he was right in his cabinet selection.

The County Chief, having said that services to the people should not wait any longer, the best support that the cabinet can give his government is to work efficiently.

Governor Ali told the new cabinet to keep in mind that they benefitted from the appointment because the people of Marsabit voted for change and this depicts that they have very limited options, and thus they must strive to the change that people wanted to see in Marsabit. He revealed that the cabinet reflect the true face of Marsabit County, not only in terms of qualifications but also the ethnicity of each member.

The governor warned the cabinet, “Your ethnicity was only important in so far as the selection and recruitment process was concerned. Now that you are in office, the ethnic card has outlived it’s usefulness. You are a CEC member for Marsabit County but not a CEC member for your clan or your ethnic group”.

He added, “You might have had a support from your tribe or clan during the selection process but do not count on their protection to remain in my government. After all, I am not intending to get support from your clan merely for appointing you to the cabinet position. I want to earn their support based on a job well done and services well delivered”.

The County CEO told the cabinet that he doesn’t ask for any favours, praises or blind support for having appointed them to the second County cabinet, but all he wants is efficient and effective service delivery to the people of Marsabit in a timely manner.

County Chief Officers list has been sent to the county public service board for interviews.

By Boru Molmolla-the department of Communication, Marsabit County

Governor met MCAs over Malaria crisis in North Horr Sub County:


Marsabit County governor H. E Mohamud Mohammed Ali, at governor’s boardroom today had a consultative meeting with the County Assembly members where they shared a lot on Malaria outbreak in North-Horr, Dukana and Illeret wards.

The meeting follows reports that Dukana ward MCA, Mr. Elema Diba shared with Assembly members and the County Governor.

Dukana ward law maker received reports from area health facilities and community leaders that there has been disease outbreak in the past one week that has claimed about 15 lives, with many others living with the problem.

According to Marsabit County director of Preventive health services, Dr. Boru Okutu, of the 186 sick patients investigated, 136 were tested Malaria positive.

The illness is said have been characterized by fever, headache, backache, jaundice, bloody diarrhoea and vomiting. Most affected areas are in villages far from static health facilities.

The governor H. E Mohamud Mohammed Ali, as he was chairing the meeting, made a quick call to the director of Malaria programme Kenya Dr. Wako Dulacha who confirmed that he has directed KEMSA to release drugs soonest possible.

The County Chief directed County Secretary Mr Isacko Galgallo to ensure that a vehicle leaves immediately for Nairobi, and consignment is expected to be in Marsabit tomorrow.

Health specialists will hit the ground immediately as they receive drugs to reinforce services offered in the affected areas

To address water crisis across the vast County of Marsabit, Governor Ali directed water director Boku Gufu that all the six water bowsers should be operational by Monday next week. Currently only one water bowser is functional.

Of the 110 boreholes within the County, five boreholes are reported to have broken down. Burgabo and Sori Athi which are reported to have collapsed, PACIDA has offered to work on them.

Bori, Kambi Nyoka and Gomare boreholes will be worked on by NDMA.

The governor will meet all the striking nurses within the Saku Sub County, tomorrow.

By Boru Molmolla-the department of Communication, Marsabit County

H.E Mohamud Ali Chairs County Steering Group meeting


The Marsabit County governor H. E Mohamud Mohammed Ali today chaired his first meeting with the County Steering Group(CSG) at Marsabit Catholic Pastoral Centre, where he shared much with the team. Having confirmed that the County has myriads of challenges due to its significant portion being Arid and Semi Arid, Governor Ali congratulated CSG team for their reputable service(s) in addressing problems within the County. The governor assured the team his administration’s full commitment to work with the team as they execute their noble service delivery to the county populace. The County Chief prioritized water and health sector during tenure, as he cited that most of the biting problems people face revolve around the two sectors hence there is urgent need to fix them properly. He reported that his government has already secured Ksh. 1.8 billion from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, 50% of which will be used to develop water infrastructure. Reminding the team an advice given by his teacher during his school time at Starehe Boys, “clean a cup of coffee as if it has never been cleaned” the governor urged the team not to postpone any intervention that they can make now to a future. The County deputy governor H. E Solomon Gubo Riwe advised the team not only to meet when there are issues but also convene such a gathering even other times. By Boru Molmolla-the department of Communication, Marsabit County

The Opening of the Second County Assembly


The Marsabit County governor H.E Mohamud Mohammed Ali, today Wednesday 13th September 2017 graced the official opening of the Second Marsabit County Assembly held at Marsabit County Assembly Chamber. Governor Ali while terming devolution as one of the most celebrated milestones of Kenyan 2010 constitution, acclaimed the rationale behind devolved system of governance as it gave power of self governance to people besides promotion of social-economic development and facilitation of the decentralized state organs. The county chief asserted that the objectives of devolution cannot be met unless the two levels of government works together in harmony and thus all leaders have to demonstrate confidence in their leadership. He added that, there must exist a mutual and symbiotic relationship between the Executive and the Assembly arm of the county government. As he made reference to the county budget for the year 2017/18 which is still at the county Assembly stage awaiting approval as last Assembly did not pass before its dissolution, the county governor urged members to expeditiously approve the budget so as to effect delivery of services to the people of Marsabit. He further informed the Assembly members the over 1billion pending bills of the past government, urging them to factor in the 2018/19 budget. To fulfil promises made during campaign period, he said his government must put in place a well organized human resource base to support efficient service delivery. In reference to human resource, the governor said that the recently established task force aims at reviewing the structure,composition and the qualification of existing work force so as to provide feasible recommendations on the required actions. He added that any restructuring or changes that might be effected will not be used to target individuals based on their ethnicity,religion or political persuasions. The county CEO informed the house that his government has secured Ksh. 144 million from European Union and he wished it to be utilized in construction of fish processing plants and refrigeration facilities both in Loiyangalani and Illeret. As he revealed that average distance to a health facility in the county as 52 Km, ten times further than national target of 5Km, the governor said that to address it, he government must ensure medical equipments and drugs are available in all hospitals and health centres besides being sufficiently staffed. To enhance health service, the governor said his government will allocate 60 million to facilitate access NHIF medical cover. “We intend to support 500 individuals from every ward to acquire NHIF cards translating to 10,000 principal members across the county” said governor Ali. To address water challenges, the county boss revealed that special emphasis will be on rain water harvesting and reliance on massive storage for both livestock and human consumption. To supplement the available resources, governor Ali revealed that his administration has secured Ksh 1.8 billion from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and development, and the governor intend to direct 50% of the fund to develop water infrastructure. The governor assured that his administration will engage the public in discussion on their development priorities. He further said that his administration places strong focus on the peace and stability for harmonious coexistence of all communities. Marsabit County Assembly speaker Hon. Mathew Loltome emphasised that members must work together to serve people of Marsabit County, adding that they must understand that the future prosperity, peace, and security of the county is firmly and safer in their hands. By Boru Molmolla- Department of Communication




Tenders are invited from registered and competent suppliers for the supply and delivery of the following goods, works and services to the County Government of Marsabit as and when required for the year ending 30th June, 2018.





1. MBT/COU/01/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of office stationery Reserved
2. MBT/COU/02/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of water pipes and fittings Reserved
3. MBT/COU/03/2017-2018 Provision of equipment hire, vehicle hire and water tankering. Open
4. MBT/COU/04/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of office furniture Reserved
5. MBT/COU/05/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of paints and distempers Open
6. MBT/COU/06/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of tyres and tubes Open
7. MBT/COU/07/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of uniforms Reserved
8. MBT/COU/08/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of building materials and general hardware Open
9. MBT/COU/09/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of cereals, pulses and miscellaneous food stuff Open
10. MBT/COU/10/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of newspapers Reserved
11. MBT/COU/11/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of various airtime cards Reserved
12. MBT/COU/12/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals items. Open
13. MBT/COU/13/2017-2018 Provision of Motor Vehicle Insurance (registered underwriters with Insurance Regulatory Authority) Open
14. MBT/COU/14/2017-2018 Provision of solid waste management for Marsabit Town Reserved
15. MBT/COU/15/2017-2018 Provision of solid waste management for Moyale Town – Zone A Reserved
16. MBT/COU/16/2017-2018 Provision of solid waste management for Moyale Town – Zone B Reserved
17. MBT/COU/17/2017-2018 Provision of solid waste management for Moyale Town – Zone C Reserved
18. MBT/COU/18/2017-2018 Provision of solid waste management for Sololo Town Reserved
19. MBT/COU/19/2017-2018 Provision of solid waste management for LogLogo Town Reserved
20. MBT/COU/20/2017-2018 Provision of solid waste management for Laisamis Town Reserved
21. MBT/COU/21/2017-2018 Provision of solid waste management for North Horr Town Reserved
22. MBT/COU/22/2017-2018 Provision of solid waste management for Maikona Town Reserved
23. MBT/COU/23/2017-2018 Provision of solid solid waste management for Dukana Town Reserved
24. MBT/COU/24/2017-2018 Provision of Air Conditioning Services Open
25. MBT/COU/25/2017-2018 Repair of office machines and equipment’s Open
26. MBT/COU/26/2017-2018 Provision of Air Ticketing Services Open
27. MBT/COU/27/2017-2018 Supply of Oil, Petrol and Lubricants Open
28. MBT/COU/28/2017-2018 Supply of Electrical Materials Reserved
29. MBT/COU/29/2017-2018 Supply, delivery and maintenance of computers and computer accessories. Reserved
30. MBT/COU/30/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of farm inputs, herbicides and insecticides Open
31. MBT/COU/31/2017-2018 Provision of Hotel and Conference Services Open
32. MBT/COU/32/2017-2018 Provision for Garage, Motor Vehicles, Graders and Tractor Repairs Open
33. MBT/COU/33/2017-2018 Provision of Borehole, Dams and Water Pans construction services Open
34. MBT/COU/34/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of sanitary towels, sanitary handling and disposal services Reserved
35. MBT/COU/35/2017-2018 Provision of Catering services Open
36. MBT/COU/36/2017-2018 Supply, delivery and installation of CCTV and Security screening services Open
37. MBT/COU/37/2017-2018 Provision of emergency response services Open
38. MBT/COU/38/2017-2018 Provision of Engineering consultancy services Open
39. MBT/COU/39/2017-2018 Supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of firefighting equipment Open
40. MBT/COU/40/2017-2018 Provision of general consultancy services Open
41. MBT/COU/41/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of laboratory equipment, re-agents, chemicals and glassware Open
42. MBT/COU/42/2017-2018 Provision of legal services Open
43. MBT/COU/43/2017-2018 Provision of landscaping services Open
44. MBT/COU/44/2017-2018 Supply, delivery and installation of general medical equipment and fittings Open
45. MBT/COU/45/2017-2018 Repair and maintenance of PABX, telecommunication equipment Reserved
46. MBT/COU/46/2017-2018 Provision of road construction and civil works Open
47. MBT/COU/47/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of road work materials Open
48. MBT/COU/48/2017-2018 Provision of solar lighting equipment and installation Reserved
49. MBT/COU/49/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of sport items Reserved
50. MBT/COU/50/2017-2018 Supply, delivery and installation of Generators Reserved
51. MBT/COU/51/2017-2018 Supply and delivery of timber and related products Reserved
52. MBT/COU/52/2017-2018 Provision of cleaning materials Reserved
53. MBT/COU/53/2017-2018 Provision of building materials Open
54. MBT/COU/54/2017-2018 Provision of building construction, renovation, plumbing, welding, metal and electrical services Open
55. MBT/COU/55/2017-2018 Provision of Training services Open
56. MBT/COU/56/2017-2018 Provision of fumigation and pest control services Reserved
57. MBT/COU/57/2017-2018 Provision of auctioneering services (registered firms with valid practicing certificate) Open
58. MBT/COU/58/2017-2018 Provision of assets and property valuation services Open
59. MBT/COU/59/2017-2018 Provision of courier and postage services Open
60. MBT/COU/60/2017-2018 Provision of vehicle valuation services (IRA registered Motor Assessment Firms) Open

  • Reserved – refers to Youth, Women and Persons with disability firms or individuals. The reserved group firms should be registered with the National Treasury and proof of the same attached in the registration documents being submitted.
  • Interested eligible bidders may inspect the tender documents at the Procurement Office during normal working hours as from 8th September, 2017. A complete set of tender documents may be obtained by interested tenderers upon payment of a non – refundable fee of Kshs 1000 (One thousand shillings only) in form of banker’s cheque payable to Marsabit County Government. Documents may also be downloaded here . Downloaded documents for registration are free of charge. Attach payment receipt for tenders applications.
  • Completed tender documents are to be enclosed in plain sealed envelope clearly marked with tender name, reference number and deposited in the tender box at County Government of Marsabit Headquarters or be addressed to: –



P.O. Box 384-60500


So as to be received on or before, Friday 26nd September, 2017 at 10.00am. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter at the Boardroom in the presence of Tenderers/Representatives who wish to attend.

  • Any form of canvassing is not allowed and will lead to automatic disqualification.
  • Those who may had applied earlier, need to re-apply.

The County Government of Marsabit reserves the right to accept or reject any tender in either whole or in part and does not bind itself to accept any tender or to give reasons for its rejection



The second County Assembly of Marsabit was sworn in today ,the  7th September 2017.The twenty(20) elected MCAs together with the ten (10) who were nominated to the house by various political parties took the oath of office before the Assembly clerk, Mr. Mohammud Kamaya.

The elected members are from the following parties; Jubilee (7), FAP (5), KANU (2), PNU (3), New Democrat (1),ANC (1) and MCCP(1).

Matthew Lole Loltome retained the speaker’s seat as he was the only one who presented his papers for nomination. “Considering that there was only one, one Loltome Mathew who had submitted his completed nomination paper together with the relevant supporting documents for election as speaker at the expiry of the nomination period, I hereby invoke the provisions of standing order 11(1) and forthwith declare Loltome Mathew as the elected speaker without any ballot or voting being required” the Assembly clerk, Mr. Mahmoud Kamaya read.

After the swearing in of the speaker, and there being no other business , the house was adjourned till the following Tuesday, the 12th September 2017 when deputy speaker,chairpersons of the assembly committees,chair of budget, among others will be elected.

Having taken oath of office, the 30 Assembly members are subscribed to the business of house.

By Boru Molmolla- the Marsabit County Communication

Job Vacancy :CPSB03/31/08/2017: COUNTY SECRETARY – (1 POST)


County Public Service Board of Marsabit wishes to recruit competent and qualified citizens to fill the following positions as per the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and the County Government Act 2012 Sections 45:

CPSB03/31/08/2017: COUNTY SECRETARY –  (1 POST)

Duties and Responsibilities

The County Secretary shall: –

  • Be the head of the county public service;
  • Be the Secretary to the County Executive Committee
  • Be responsible for arranging the business, and keeping the minutes, of the county executive committee, subject to the directions of the executive committee:
  • Convey the decisions of the county executive committee to the appropriate persons or authorities:
  • Ensure efficient management of resources
  • Coordination of County Government activities
  • Interpret, disseminate and oversee the implementation of National and County Government policies
  • Provide direction and guidance to public officers in the County
  • Perform any other functions as directed by the County Executive Committee

Requirements for Appointment

  • Be a Kenyan Citizen
  • Be in possession of Bachelor’s degree from a university recognized
  • in Kenya
  • Have master’s degree or higher academic qualification from a university recognized in Kenya
  • Have at least 10 years’ experience in senior administration and management
  • Possess knowledge of organization and functions of government
  • Have thorough knowledge of the structural, legislative and regulatory framework of the public service. Membership to a professional association body will be an added advantage.
  • Attended strategic leadership program course for not less than six (6) weeks from a recognized institution will be an added advantage.
  • Satisfy the requirements of chapter six of the constitution of Kenya
  • Computer literate
  • Possession of CPS (K) will be an added advantage

Core Competencies:

The following core competencies and skills will be required for the position of County Secretary.

  • Ability to portray and uphold a positive County/ National image
  • Being a visionary result oriented strategic thinker.
  • Ability to work in a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity Excellent organizational, interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Capacity to work under pressure to meet strict deadlines.
  • Demonstrate understanding and commitment to National values and principles of governance as outlined in articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010.
  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of both the county and national goals, policies development strategies as well as Vision 2030.

Terms of Service: Contract

Salary: As per Salaries and Remuneration Commission Guidelines

Application Procedure

Written applications enclosing current Curriculum Vitae, Copies of academic and professional certificates, ID card and clearance from the various institutions as listed above should be submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed to;

The Secretary/CEO
County Public Service Board of Marsabit
P.O. Box 110 – 60500

Or the application can be sent to :

All the applications should reach the Secretary, County Public Service Board, on or before 22nd September, 2017.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted, The County Government of Marsabit is an equal opportunity employer; Youth, Women, Persons with Disabilities and other disadvantaged persons are encouraged to apply.

Download the PDF advert here: County Secretary Job Advert

Job Vacancy : CPSB02/31/08/2017- COUNTY CHIEF OFFICERS – (16 POST)

County Public Service Board of Marsabit wishes to recruit competent and qualified citizens to fill the following positions as per the Constitution of Kenya 2010 and the County Government Act 2012 Sections 45:


The County Chief Officers shall be in-charge of the following portfolios

  1. CO – Finance and Economic Planning
  2. CO – Agriculture
  3. Co – Livestock
  4. CO – Fisheries Development
  5. CO – Health Services
  6. CO – Tourism, Culture and Social Services
  7. CO – Education
  8. CO – Skills Development, Youth and Sports
  9. CO – Land and Urban Development
  10. CO – Energy
  11. CO – Public Administration, County Co-ordination and ICT
  12. CO – Transport and Roads
  13. CO – Public Works and Housing
  14. CO – Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development
  15. CO – Water
  16. CO – Environment and Natural Resource Development.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Chief Officer shall be the accounting and authorized officer in respect of exercise of delegated powers and shall be responsible to the respective County Executive Committee Member for:

  • Day to day administration of the department
  • Providing strategic policy direction for effective service delivery within the department
  • Implementation of policies and programs within the department
  • Development and implementation of strategic plans and sector development goals including performance management
  • Formulation and implementation of effective programs to attain Vision 2030
  • Promote National values and principles of governance & values and principles of public service as outlined in Article 232 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010

Requirements for Appointment

  • Be a Kenyan citizen
  • Be a holder of at least Bachelors degree in a relevant field from a University recognized in Kenya
  • Possession of a masters degree in a relevant field will be an added advantage
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of socio-economic development objectives and plans of Vision 2030
  • Have knowledge, experience and distinguished career of not less than 10 years at a senior management level
  • Be a strategic thinker and result oriented
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding and commitment to the values and principles as outlined in Articles 10 and 232 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010
  • Ability to work in a multi-ethnic environment with sensitivity and respect for diversity
  • Proof of registration with the relevant professional body will be an added advantage
  • Satisfy the requirements of Chapter six of the Constitution

For candidates to meet the requirements of Chapter Six of the Constitution of Kenya applicants must obtain the following:

(a) Tax compliance certificate from KRA
(b) Clearance certificate from HELB
(c) Clearance certificate from Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission (EACC)
(d) Certificate of good conduct from Criminal Investigation Department
(e) Credit Reference Bureau clearance

Those who are currently working with the County government and are interested are encouraged to apply.

Canvassing will lead to automatic disqualification.

The County Public Service Board of Marsabit is an equal opportunity employer.

Women and persons living with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Terms of Service: Contract

Salary: As per Salaries and Remuneration Commission Guidelines

Application Procedure

Written applications enclosing current Curriculum Vitae, Copies of academic and professional certificates, ID card and clearance from the various institutions as listed above should be submitted in a sealed envelope and addressed to;

The Secretary/CEO
County Public Service Board of Marsabit
P.O. Box 110 – 60500

Or the application can be sent to co_jobs@marsabit.goke

All the applications should reach the Secretary, County Public Service Board, on or before 22nd September, 2017.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
Download the PDF advert here:County Chief Officer Job Advert