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Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Development

The agriculture and livestock sub-sector plays an important role in the county’s development agenda contributing approximately 60 per cent to the economy and employing 70 per cent of the rural population. The county government is aware that to reduce poverty and uplift the standards of living of the people, there is need to invest substantively in this sector. The sector received Kshs.317.28 million in FY 2013/14, Kshs.324.53 million in FY 2015/16 and has been allocated Kshs.314.8 million in FY 2016/17 for recurrent and development activities. The development allocation increased from Kshs.137 million in FY 2013/14 to Kshs.150.78 million in FY 2016/17 representing a budget increase of 10 per cent in three years. 

The county has made significant progress in improving agriculture through provision of farm implements to farmers across the County, improved extension services and provision of certified seeds. Since the sector is prone to the vagaries of weather and with the expected farm output during the next harvest projected to be little due to limited rainfall, the county will continue to support the sector and scale up social protection programmes. The department has already undertaken several projects including construction of modern abattoir which is ongoing, procurement and distribution of fishing gears, construction of fish cold storage facilities, provision of agricultural and livestock extension services, purchase and distribution of agricultural chemicals and support fodder production among others. 

The department intends to initiate several programmes in FY 2016/17 and FY 2017/18 to improve agricultural productivity. The potential of livestock, dairy and poultry farming, including value addition of their by-products remains untapped as a catalyst for economic transformation and the completion of the modern abbattoir is expected to greately improve livestock production. The potential for fish farming especially in Loiyangalani is huge and the department will continue to support farmers through extension and capcaity building on better fish farming methods, access to modern storage and handling facilities and these programmes will continue to be implemented in FY 2017/18.  

Trade and Enterprise Development

The department of Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development has made significant strides in promoting economic development through entrepreneurship development of SMEs by conducting youth trainings, organizing investor conference, business infrastructure development through construction of new markets in both urban and rural towns as well as Marsabit modern market which is nearing completion. Other achievements include establishment of county enterprise fund, private sector development through the revival of the Marsabit Chamber of Commerce and Industry among others. 

The county government will continue to invest more in the key areas of intervention including promotion of agri-business, youth and women empowerment, enhanced trade, tourism, industrial development, microenterprises and cooperative development. On youth and Women empowerment, the department of Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development will build on on-going youth and women support programmes to tap the creativity and knowledge of the young people so as to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. Priority will also be given to skills development and access to credit to enable this group to be the dynamic drivers of growth and employment creation. 

Infrastructure development

In order to support a rapidly-growing economy as envisaged in the Kenya Vision 2030, the County Government has continued to sustain and expand the on-going public investments in road and water supplies.  Great strides have already been made in the road construction and rehabilitation which include construction of new roads, rehabilitation and maintenance of existing roads. Prior to the inception of the county government, there were serious road connectivity challenges where some parts of the county simply unreachable. The situation had adversely affected trade and investment. The County lacked basic infrastructure, which is considered a prerequisite for economic growth and development.  

The County government has made tremendous progress since FY 2013/14 in opening up of several towns through improvement of rural access roads and gravelling and grading of major roads in the County. Substantial amount of funds were allocated to the sector in FY 2014/15, FY 2015/16 and 2016/17 and the same will be maintained to improve the road network in the county. Upgrading of Merrille-Marsabit-Moyale road to bitumen standard is nearing completion. This major road project will indeed put Marsabit on the global map and open up the area to trade and investment and ease movement of goods and labour.  

In the year 2016/2017, the Department was allocated a total of Kshs 547,655,580 comprising of Kshs. 191,854,889 for Recurrent and Kshs. 355,800,691 for Development expenditures. The county government intends to use the money to open up at least 1500Kms of new roads, rehabilitate 550Kms of existing roads and build 14 new bridges. The county government also plans to design and upgrade to bitumen standards 4Kms of roads within Marsabit town. This is one of the flagship projects and an important deliverable for the department of roads, public works and housing.  




The County Department of Education, Skills Development, Youth and Sports intend to implement youth community services program.

The community service program targets young people who have concluded their KCSE, college and/or university training and have not had the opportunity to be employed and wish to improve their employ-ability through on job training.

The objective of the program is to have a well-structured community service program that delivers quality skills transfer to enhance youth employability in the county, create smooth transition from education and training to employment.

Applications are hereby invited from prospective qualified candidates who may wish to join the program. Limited vacancies are available

 Must be a youth aged between 18 – 35 years
 Be a holder of a minimum of KCSE certificate Grade C and above waiting to join college.
 Be holders of certificate, diploma or degree in relevant field from recognized institution of higher learning.
 Must be ready to serve for a period of six months continuously that is non renewable
 Must be a resident of Marsabit county
 Interested applicants can pick application form MY-CSP/01 from respective county ward offices during official working hours or download from county website

Sealed and dully filled forms should be returned to the undersigned through the respective Ward Offices so as to reach not later than 15th November 2016.
The Chief Officer
Skills Development, Youth and Sports
P.O. Box 384 – 60500, Marsabit

Download the application forms below

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FOR PROVISION OF STREET LIGHTING IN MARSABIT TOWN AND MOYALE, MARSABIT COUNTY, KENYA                                                                              


The County Secretary of the County Government of Marsabit intends to procure Street Lighting for Marsabit and Moyale Towns.  Qualified and competent bidders are invited to submit their Expression of Interest for the provision of Street Lighting (with associated service agreement for on-going maintenance and operation) in the towns of Marsabit and Moyale.


  1. Scope of the Street Lighting Contract:


  1. Design,
  2. Installation,
  3. Operation,
  4. Maintenance


The package for Marsabit Town shall consist of up to 4 main roads, as shall be defined in the Tender Package to be provided to the shortlisted eligible providers to be invited to bid in the tender. The package for Moyale Town shall consist of 1 main road, as shall be defined in the Tender Package to be provided to the shortlisted providers to be invited to bid in the tender. Total distance to be lighted in Marsabit and Moyale shall be in the range of 12 to 15 Kilometers.


The County aims to have Street Lighting in operation within the first quarter of 2017.  Therefore, this contract shall be tightly managed and fast tracked.


The Bidder shall take full responsibility for import, transport, supervision, and all necessary permits and approvals and to ensure timely delivery and efficient operation of the Street Lights.

  1. Proposal for the intention
  2. Company profile, detailing relevant experience,
  3. Certified copies of certificate of Incorporation/Registration,
  4. Valid tax compliance certificate,
  5. Audited financial report for the last three years. Companies that are newly formed and do not have three years of operating history, are encouraged to provide backing from (a) parent company and/or (b) create a Joint Venture or a Consortium.
  6. Compliance for Prequalification requirements.
  7. Description of the proposed Street Lighting scheme, including (but not limited to) illustrative design, list of key equipment components and features, indicative timing and duration of contract stages, and, an estimate of total contract value, broken down to indicate the cost for each element of the scope as given in section 1 of this document, and indicative timing of completion, in line with County’s fast track program for Street Lighting,
  8. Local Content maximisation, in terms of participation of local contractors and use of locally manufactured products.
  9. Name, Title, and email address of the main contact, to receive the invitation to bid via email (if the Bidder is short listed).


  1. Two original hard copies of the Expression of interest must be delivered to the address below by not later than [16th November 2016], 16:00 pm and must be clearly marked: “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR PROVISION OF STREET LIGHTING IN MARSABIT TOWN AND MOYALE, MARSABIT COUNTY, KENYA                                      

Should be addressed to:


The County Secretary
County Government of Marsabit

P.O Box 384-60500

g)Soft copy of the Expression Of Interest to be sent by email to :

h)Short Listed bidders shall be notified by email within 1 week from the closing date, and, will be eligible to obtain soft copies of the Tender Information Pack in order to submit their final bid, in line with further instructions in the notification email.

Marsabit County Scholarship Fund Application Form 2016

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Marsabit Budget circular August 2016

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Biashara Centre Workshop

Prior to the launch of the first ever Biashara Centre in Marsabit County headquarters on 23/06/2016, over 50 Youths from Marsabit Mountain ward are undergoing a three day workshop regarding the facility that will be beneficial to especially Youths and Women.

According to the county department of Trade, Industry and Enterprise Development Chief Officer, Mr. Muma Arbelle, the training that began on Thursday which was organized by the county government with the support of UNDP is aimed at empowering Youths by imparting/instilling business knowledge and skills.

Arbelle said that the mandate of the business centre on which Youths training is based include; business skills development, market linkages, one stop centre for business services, ICT hub and entrepreneurial growth leadership.

The department’s Chief Officer revealed that, of the 47 counties in Kenya, Marsabit is the third county to have established Biashara Centre after Kwale and Kilifi.

Arbelle reiterated that Youths and Women will be the first beneficiaries of the centre whereby they will be given an opportune time to maximize on the advantage of research, innovation, business undertakings, adding that a UNDP consultant will be based at the centre for two months after which local consultant takes over.

The department’s Assistant director Jirm Halakhe Mamo said that, to empower Youths within the county, so far over 850 Youths from 16 wards out of 20 wards of Marsabit have benefitted from entrepreneurship youth empowerment training in the four sub counties of Marsabit.

Mamo added that, Youths from other four wards remaining will receive similar lessons soon.

With the support of UNDP, Marsabit will soon be Dubai of Africa and thus Youths needed to work towards that, Mamo educated the training participants.

Saku sub county administrator Abdo Alla advised Youths to marshal their effort tirelessly in business activities, adding that it’s the way to worthy living unlike formal employment that is based on monthly pay.

The Marsabit Biashara Centre will officially be launched on 23/06/2016 by H. E the Governor of Marsabit Ambassador UKur Yatani and UNDP teams.

By Boru Molmolla-the Marsabit county communication

Motor Vehicle and Medical Insurance Tender Advert


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