Providing Quality & Excellence in Construction’


The core mandate of the department of Roads, Public Works, Housing and Transport is to ensure that the necessary infrastructure needed for the development of the county is built to the highest standards, County roads are maintained in good conditions, management of government residential estates and management of transport within the county.


The department consists of four directorates, namely; Roads, Public works, Housing and Transport each with distinct functions;

Directorate of Roads

  • Design and construction of new roads within the county;
  • Maintenance of both rural and urban roads within the county;
  • Protection of county road reserves

Directorate of Public works

  • Designing, documenting and supervising all Government building works and footbridges;
  • Keeping and maintaining inventory of Government buildings.

Directorate of Housing

  • Management of government residential estates.
  • Keeping and maintaining inventory of Government residential buildings.

Directorate of Transport

  • Suitability test for drivers.
  • Inspection of Motor vehicles.


To be the leading department committed to provision of effective and efficient services to achieve a cohesive and a prosperous County.


To provide both technical support and enabling policy framework for all public works, roads and transport sector that enhances sustainable development, socio-economic growth, and prosperity to all citizens.


  • Excellence – We are passionate and selfless in executing our duties
  • Respect – We treat our clients with respect and courteously
  • Innovation – We strive for continual improvement
  • Professionalism – We uphold professional ethos in service delivery
  • Efficiency – We deliver timely and reliable service through prudent use of public resources
  • Fairness – We remain impartial in execution of all our duties
  • Integrity – We promote truth, honesty and shun corrupt practices
  • Team spirit – All units will work as a team and appreciate the important role played by others
  • Customer focus – To render the highest quality of service to all its customers based on the best quality products and services.