Investment Opportunities

Marsabit County is out to partner with both  foreign and local  investors to bring world-class production, management and technical expertise to help fast track its domestic growth.

The County is endowed with rich and diverse livestock and fisheries with capabilities to supply live animals ranging from cattle, camel, sheep and goats and can supply fresh meat and meat products to regional and international markets alike.

We want value addition for our livestock products and we target veterinary services, meat and milk processing plants, leather and tannery industries jointly through partnerships.

Marsabit has abundant land for infrastructural projects like airports, dry ports, learning institutions, irrigation projects, real estate development, ranches, industries, stadia, beach resort hotels, holiday homes, parks and amusement facilities, a great market potential for trade partnerships.

The arable grazing land  is  ripe  for  agriculture, horticulture, floriculture and bee-keeping. Mount Marsabit tropical rain-forest is a gift of nature featuring a rain forest surrounded by a desert and two crater lakes – Lake Paradise and  Lake Sokorte. Lake Turkana South, Mt Marsabit and Sibiloi National Park, the home of Koobi Fora (famous globally as the Cradle of Mankind), further complement its natural attractions.

The parks are located in a scenic and breath- taking beautiful terrain of craters, with rare wildlife and bird species. Marsabit is a natural filming destination.

Our County is equally endowed with rare earth minerals, heavy metals like copper, iron ore and gold, as well as limestone, salt, mineral sands and asbestos among others, presenting various industrial opportunities. The County is conducting a geological survey to establish the exact quantities and location of the minerals.

We are ready to expand investment and business opportunities and invite partners with the capabilities to get us there. Be the partner of choice!

10 Unique features of Marsabit County

1. It is home of Sibiloi National Park, the renown Cradle of Mankind

2. More than 60 per cent of Lake Turkana is in Marsabit County

3. The famous elephants, Ahmed and Abdullahi, lived in Marsabit

4. A dense tropical rain forest surrounds Marsabit town

5. The Chalbi Desert is the only true desert in East Africa

6. Stunning Lake Paradise is nestled inside a crater

7. Loiyangalani and Kalacha cultural festivals attract tourists

8. Koobi Fora has produced a wealth of archaeological data

9. The County has great potential for wind and solar energy generation

10. It is richly endowed with mineral resources, including copper, iron ore, gold and rare earth minerals

Invest in Livestock Sector

Livestock keeping is the backbone of Marsabit  County’s economy.  The County plans to scale up investment  in livestock development, marketing  and  animal health infrastructure to promote  the livestock value chain.


The County  is committed  to developing an efficient and  vibrant livestock marketing economy by reducing pastoralist’s vulnerability  to drought and other climatic shocks,  which  have beset the region  repeatedly.


Pastoralists  have  always  kept  livestock for provision  of food, as a form of wealth and heritage,  but change  of lifestyle and climate    during    drought    seasons   has made them vulnerable.

Studies,  including one by the European Commission, identified  poor   access  to market  as a problem  for many livestock producers in Kenya

The pastoralists are constrained by unreliable marketing outlets thus could provide  the full benefits  of their livestock resources.


The Opportunities to invest in include:

  • Livestock marketing
  • Modern veterinary services for livestock
  • Small and medium sized leather tanneries
  • Feeding ranches
  • Export market for livestock
  • Meat processing and packaging plants
  • Value addition to livestock products
  • Export zones and quality control centers
  • Investment in ISO certified abattoirs
  • Disease free zones
  • Fodder production markets
  • Banking and credit institutions
  • Bio-gas projects and plants
  • Provision of livestock insurance
  • Savings and credit societies
  • Capacity building for traders
  • Tanneries for hides and skins
  • Animal feeds production
  • Milk storage and processing plants
  • Products like cheese, powdered milk and ghee
  • Transportation of live animals

A rejuvenated agricultural sector

Marsabit  County  government  has a focus to transform  the County  into a highly  productive  destination,  which brings  optimum value  to the farmers,  ensures  food  security  and  gets  her  people  out  of  poverty.

For far too long,  Marsabit  epitomized the image of inequality, poverty, diseases, prolonged drought, insecurity and rundown infrastructure  due to systematic  marginalization over the years. In the agricultural sector, there is immense potential for investors to come on board and make good returns.


Crops: Crop farming  does well around  Mt. Marsabit and Moyale. Potential crops include  vegetables and  fruits.  Other  crops grown here are maize, tea, beans and millet


  • Water harvesting systems
  • Infrastructure: De-silting of water pans, gutters

and water tanks

  • Greenhouses and drip kits
  • Provision of maintenance services for water sources (boreholes, shallow wells and springs protection)
  • Irrigation technologies and solutions
  • Export of fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Credit facilities for farmers
  • Supply of seeds, fertilizers and pesticides
  • Farm machinery
  • Crop insurance services
  • Supply of irrigation technologies
  • Research and extension services
  • Silos and storage facilities
  • Horticulture and floriculture
  • Transport services

Tourism, the place to put your money

The County  is a renown  Cradle  of Mankind  and  is positioning itself  to reap  big from its diverse cultural heritage and abundant historical and archaeological attributes through investment in tourism.


A melting  pot of cultures  bringing together 14 ethnicity,  Marsabit  County has diverse  untapped opportunities for tourism investment.  It has huge  untapped potential in diverse  and rich cultures,  historical and tourist sites. This is the reason it was earmarked  for tourism development in the vision 2030 blue print.


The County has four National Parks namely Marsabit  National  Park, Sibiloi,  Central Island  and  Southern  Island.  Besides,   it has  prehistoric  sites  and  unique  rugged and scenic terrain that is a sight to behold. The volcanoes  around  the Chalbi  Desert and the Lake Paradise make it a must visit destination  for any tourist. Marsabit is also the home of camel derbies, where you can ride for fun and competition.


The County is home of countless wildlife species, among them tens of thousands of bird species, elephants, leopards, buffaloes, antelopes, zebras and spotted hyenas. The County is also proud to be the renown ‘Cradle of Mankind’ being home to Koobi Fora, a renowned region of paleontological and archaeological sites. This is where the largest ever collection of well-preserved hominid fossils dating from between  2.1 and  1.3 million years ago were discovered by archaeologists.


Lake Turkana, the largest desert lake in the world measuring about 5,000 square kilometres, is also found in Marsabit. Unrestricted tourism potential is guaranteed under the national tourism promotion policies.  Foreign investors and  foreigner invested  businesses  are treated equally like domestic  businesses.