In a bid to deliver effective and high quality service to the people of Marsabit county, Governor Ali has today launched Performance Management System that aims at achieving agility for sustainable success and entrenching a performance driven culture.

The system which was developed by Governor’s Delivery Unit in collaboration with AHADI Kenya is expected to enable the government to excel at providing quality services to its citizens in most efficient and effective way possible.

Speaking during the launch Governor Ali appreciated the effort of AHADI Kenya in helping Marsabit county to establish the system.

He underscored the importance of the system saying that it has been used by the National government as a solution to falling service delivery in the country.

The county boss further asserted that his government is embracing the system saying that it will help various departments to clarify its objectives, people orientation and increase focus towards incremental productivity and cost reduction leading to improvements in service delivery that will change people’s life.

The Governor also added that to become agile and effective, departments must adopt a system that directs available resources to what is important, achieves service delivery improvement, and improves citizen and stakeholder satisfaction.

He also urged county executives and department directors to first identifying projects and programmes for each department based on the vision and values each sector had outlined, guided by the needs and demands of citizen within the county that will help them to set evidence based targets.

The county boss further declared that the system will be rigorously implemented and will be used to streamline the public sector’s efficiency by weeding out non-performers, creating internal systems that will be more citizen-friendly and enhanced service delivery.

He also revealed that he has formed Inspection committee that constitutes Sub county and ward administrators that will fast track and monitor all development projects to be implemented across the county.