The sector comprises the following Sub-Sectors; Medical Services, Public Health and Sanitation, Research and Development on Health.

• Policy formulation and implementation
• Preventative and promotive health services
• Curative and rehabilitative health services
• Standards and regulations
• Monitoring and evaluation of provision of healthcare services

The goal of the department of health is to attain the highest possible standard of health that is responsive to the needs of the population.

The health policy objectives within the Sector Medium Term Development Plan are to:

• Bridge equity gaps in access to health care and nutrition services and ensure sustainable   financing arrangements that protect the poor.
• Strengthen governance and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the health system.
• Improve access to quality maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health services.
• Intensify prevention and control of communicable and non-communicable diseases and promote healthy lifestyles



The functions of the department of includes:
• Provision of overall policy direction for all stakeholders (players) in the health delivery.
• Provision of a strong and effective advocacy role in inter-sector action in the health delivery.
• Mobilization and allocation of resources to all providers in the health delivery services.
• Provision of relevant and adequate information for co-ordination and management of health services.
• Provision of regulatory framework for all providers of health services.
• Monitoring and evaluation of health services in Marsabit.
• Coordination of activities of the agencies, providers and partners in the health sector.
• Set standards for the delivery of health care in the country.
• Provide strategic direction for health delivery services.
• Monitor and evaluate the health service delivery by the department.
• Source funding for service delivery through the government, Health Insurance and partners.
• Allocate resources to all health care delivery departments.
• Provide framework for the development and management of the human resources for health.
• Provide a framework for the effective and efficient procurement, distribution, management and use of health sector goods, works and services.
• Make proposals for the review and enactment of health legislation.
• Provide framework for the regulation of food, drugs and health service delivery and practice.

An efficient and high quality health care system that is accessible, acceptable and affordable to Marsabit county population

To promote and participate in the provision of integrated and high quality promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services to all Marsabit County population

• Integrity – Upholding of professional integrity and honesty
• Patient/Clients centered – This involves upholding of quality service to the population of our county.
• Professionalism – upholding professional ethics that entails respect for life
• Confidentiality and commitment to service delivery
• Ensure provisions of ethical healthcare service