Lands, Energy, and Urban Development

Marsabit County occupies about16 percent of Kenya’s total land mass covering an area of 75,691 square kilometers, making it inarguably the largest and most expansive County in Kenya. Most of this land falls under arid and semi-arid climatic conditions and thus it has remained virgin for many years and it’s communally owned.
Since the year 2013 the department of Energy, Land, and Housing and Urban Development has been working hard to facilitate sustainable land use through a holistic land policy for the betterment of life of residents in Marsabit County. This department aims to ensure that 75% of the residents have got access to land, affordable housing, and a cheap and quality energy source by the year 2020.
On land and housing, this department is actively encouraging private ownership of land in order to attract investors through modern technology registration. This docket has further reviewed the county land management policy, Physical planning, Land transaction, Survey and mapping, Land adjudication and Settlement matters, and rural settlement planning in order to enhance cohesion among communities.

Land demarcation and adjudication

CEC Profile

Ms. Kulamo Bullo-Ikimire – CEC Member,
Lands, Energy and Urban Development

Ms. Kulamo Ikimire was officially appointed in October 2017 as CEC Member for Lands, Energy and Urban Development. On this position, she has executive powers on policy formulation and management of all matters regarding the entire department.

Kulamo has extensive experience in the education sector, having worked and grown through the ranks to become the Chief Editor, E-Books at the Kenya Literature Bureau. In her work, she has focused on audience analysis and understanding of the current themes and issues that affect consumption of digital materials in the education sector. She has continued to deliver in this area by establishing networks that have helped the Bureau deliver on its responsibility of contributing towards a literate Kenyan society. Kulamo has built her liaison skills by engaging different stakeholders in the service delivery .These skills

Kulamo has also served as a part-time lecturer in the School of Communication at Daystar University where her skills and knowledge have enriched learning at the tertiary level. Here, she continued to impart knowledge on public speaking, interpersonal and group communication while mentoring students.

Kulamo has, from January 2010 to January 2014, been a member of the management Board of National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) where she collectively provided overall strategic direction, development, policy formulation, oversight and advisory role to the organization. She had a stint as the Acting Chairman of the board of Management of NEMA for six months and therefore hands-on experience in organizational leadership.

Energy and Urban development

Bartabes Galmagar is the accounting and authorizing officer of the department. Apart from any other duties assigned by CECM, he is responsible for strategic policy direction for improved services, efficient and effective use of financial and human resource management, developing and implementing effective performance management system.

He is a beneficiary of Kenyan government scholarship to study bachelor of commerce (Hons) from university of Delhi, India. He also holds MBA(finance) from Kenyatta university and CPA(K) from KASNEB.

Bartabes Galmagar has over ten years’ experience in banking sector and better part of his career he served at management level. He was Branch Manager at Kenya Commercial Bank and Cooperative Bank prior to him joining county government of Marsabit. He has experience in good customer service, investment options, financial management, Sustainable financial initiatives, Risk analysis and prudent management of both physical and human resources.


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Fatuma Mohamed Said is the Chief Officer for Lands . She brings to this role vast experience in project management, implementation and effective business operations spanning over eight  years.

She currently is a Doctoral student in Business Administration to further enhance her input  in vast ways. She also holds a BA(HONS) in Broadcast media and an MBA. Her priority  to improve this docket is by building on expertise in its physical planning, land adjudication and survey. She would also work closely with her team to improve the functions and services of the department of Lands.

Her experience in the steel, water drilling and construction industries lend a progressive eye to the potential of Marsabit County and the department of Lands.  She has a vision to create a vibrant economy with a solid enabling environment for the people of Marsabit county, investors and stakeholders.