CECM Profile

Dr. Jama Wolde is

Public Works and Housing

Mr. Muktar Intallo Guracha has been in the disciplined forces for a long time before voluntarily retiring from the service  ( Kenya Air force) and in the course of his duty received several awards in recognition of his good work. i.e the un peace keeper award while siera leone, west Africa. In addition to the vast military experience he also holds a a degree in sustainable human development from the catholic university of eastern Africa, Diploma in counseling psychology  and several other certificates.

Muktar is currently County Chief Officer, Public Works and Housing Development, Marsabit County.

Roads and Transport

Sora J Danso is currently the chief officer for Roads and Transport. A seasoned civil servant with over 28 years experience in natural resource management, with specialisation in development communication at masters level. Competent in Microsoft office word and excel and a self-motivated performer with passion in civil service delivery.

I possess diploma in forestry from Egerton and a masters degree in development communication from the University of Reading. During the many years of civil service, I have acquired valuable insight into developing and implementing projects in addition to valuable financial and human resource management experience.

Able to balance multiple competing priorities, whilst still achieving strict deadlines for submission of assignments. Secured the current position with the aim of contributing to efficient service delivery and facilitation of speedy but sustainable social-economic development of Marsabit County, which will provide its citizen with improved livelihood and increased opportunities for progression.

The department’s vision is to be the leading department committed to provision of prompt, effective and efficient in roads and public works.

Department of Roads, Public Works and Transport

The department of Roads, Public Works and Transport, in the County Government of Marsabit comprises of three main sectors which include roads, public works and transport. The roads sector deals with the designing and construction of new roads; maintains both rural and urban roads and it is also in charge of protection of county road reserves. Public Works sector deals with the designing, documentation and supervision of all Government construction works including keeping and maintaining their inventories. Transport sector technically lead in the management of suitability test for drivers, inspection of motor vehicles and the hiring of mechanical plants and equipment in transport development.

Roads development

Since implementation of the County governments in the year 2013 this department has targeted about 4000kilometers of various roads for improvement ranging from grading, gravelling, and new openings. During 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 financial years the department graded 2,000 kilometres and gravelled 300 kilometres making them all weather roads. It also opened up 200 kilometres of roads within the County.

The improved road network in the county has led to many advantages which include; enhancing the communities’ ability to travel across the county, improved the economic status of community, eased the movement of students especially those who are in secondary schools, reduced car breakdowns which were caused by poor roads and it has also reduced distance of transportation through opening up of new roads.


Improved and New Developed Roads

In Moyale, roads that link the town to areas like Arosa, Bori and Heilu-Mansile have been given a face lift giving the regions quick access to town and provided an alternative exit to the Moyale-Marsabit road. The roads have further opened up these areas for development and it has enhanced security since law enforcers patrol these areas frequently.

The Dukana-North Horr road has also been graded to a better status and it will revive the town for more business investments since it links the town to major destinations like Illeret, North Horr and is also close to the Kenya-Ethiopia border. The road is also going to increase supply of goods and services to Dukana area which has perennially lacked behind in development due to inaccessibility.

The department of roads has also rehabilitated and expanded sections of the road that lead to Mt Kulal to facilitate two way traffic. Previously Mt Kulal was among the least visited places due to poor state of the road where a section of it had fallen off. Hula Hula-Kargi-Falam road has also been renovated and its strategic position serves as a short cut to Loiyangalani from Marsabit town. This road also joins the Isiolo-Marsabit road at Hula Hula junction providing an important link for goods and services from interior regions to the highway.


In the construction of these roads the sector of public works ensures that high standards in all constructions are maintained as per the drawings and bill of quantities provided. The department also endeavours to provide technical support to all public works, construction and management of County roads. With the great improvement in infrastructure within the county, businesses have started recording higher profits and the residents of Marsabit County are enjoying reliable and comfortable transportation services courtesy of the roads department.