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INTRODUCTION The Department of Roads, Transport and Public Works is one of the ten departments that Constitute the County . The Core business of the department is to ensure that the necessary infrastructure needed for the development of the County is built to the highest standards, County Roads are maintained in good condition, Management of transport within the county.

Vision and Mission Statement The department comprises of three Directorates Namely; Roads, Transport and Public works.

Departments vision: “To be a leading department committed to provision of prompt, effective and efficient technical services in Roads, Transport and public works”.

Departments mission: “To provide technical services for enhancement of timely and quality projects and achieve sustainable all weather road networks and other alternative transport for socio-economic growth and prosperity”.

Mandate: Department’s mandate comprises the following;

Design, construct and maintain rural and urban county road networks.

 Protection of county road reserves

 Design, document and supervise building works and projects

 Maintain inventory of and manage government motor vehicles.

 Conduct suitability test for drivers.

 Inspection of government vehicles. Values:

 Passionate, Professional and progressive improvement in service delivery.

 Efficient and prudent use of public resources.

 Respect for client, impartiality and integrity.

A SWOT Analysis This section presents the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis on the Department of Roads, Transport and Public works, to identify the major strengths the organization can use to exploit various opportunities and overcome threats posed by the external environment. Major weaknesses that need to be overcome are also identified:

Key Strengths 1. Properly planned development programmes in line with the C.I.D.P and Vision 2030 2. Strong leadership and governance system in place 3. Diverse, competent, dedicated and professional staff in the departments 4. Goodwill from stakeholders 5. Clearly established policies and standard operating procedures

Weaknesses 1. Overreliance of one source of fund (RMLF) and Minimal allocation from County Government's Budget 2. Fewer technical officers specialized in Civil Engineering and Architecture 3. Limited career growth 4. Inadequate supervision vehicle-Only two vehicles available to supervise all Roads and Building development projects within all sub-county 5. Gender disparities especially at technical level

Opportunities 1. Vision 2030 – give prioritization of infrastructure development including the roads sub-sector 2. County governments – expanded allocation on utilization of RMLF 3. Availability of well-educated human resource in the country and associated technologies. 4. Positive economic outlook 5. Advancement in technology provides an opportunity for effective service delivery 6. Growth of the Bitumen standard road network 7. Growing Local Market

Threats 1 Technological advancements 2. Climate change and environmental degradation leading to natural disasters and calamities such as floods which negatively impact on roads network 3.Overloading and axle road enforcement 4.Unfavourable macro-economic environment such as rising inflation affecting the cost of constructing roads 5.Uncertain legal and institutional framework of the road sector 6. Unmatched road development with road maintenance financing options 7. Huge Backlog maintenance for roads, Maintenance

Core Functions of the Department

 To Upgrade urban roads to bitumen standards in Moyale and Marsabit towns

 Maintenance & rehabilitation of county roads and bridges

 Maintain and upgrade existing airstrips

 Ensure road worthiness of county government vehicles and drivers’ competencies.

 Provide technical support for infrastructure development.

DEPARTMENTS ACHIEVEMENTS. The total road network in the county is approximately 5,000km. This consists of 390km tarmacked (Class Type A2), 580km gravel surface and 4,108km earth surface.

ACHIEVEMENTS (2013-2023)

Sector Name Strategic Priorities Achievements (2013-2023) Roads Upgrading of urban roads to bitumen standards Upgrading of 4.3km (Marsabit-2.9Km & Moyale 1.7Km town road to bitumen standard . Upgrading of rural roads thro’ Grading 4217 km of roads graded Upgrading of rural roads thro’ gravelling 820 km of roads gravelled Opening up of New Roads 590 km of new roads opened up. Construction of new drainage structures 300 lines of culverts constructed And Constructed 7.5 Km of Concrete slabs Footbridges 4

Department Head:

Hon. Guyo Guracha


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