Welcoming Note From The Governor

Welcoming Note From The Governor

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening based on the time zone that you are in. I Mohammud Mohammed Ali as the governor of Marsabit County, take this humble opportunity to welcome you all to Marsabit County. A county full of potential and so much to offer. Its said that a journey of a thousand miles start with one step and for sure at the end it reaches a destination.  How I love that your destination from whichever part of the world you come from be Marsabit county.


Marsabit is one of the fourty seven counties in Kenya with a population of 459,785. The county administration is headed by me Mohammed Ali as the Governor, Solomon Gubo as the deputy governor plus ten county executive committe members and a county secretary. A total of 13 people who form the county executive. The county has a senator, women representative and members of national assembly who seat at the country's Parliament. We also have twenty county assembly wards headed by members of county assembly.



The people of Marsabit county are very hospitable and welcoming, this is embedded in our rich cultural practices in the different communities that live in Marsabit county. That spirit of oneness and caring about the other person is a stong fabric in our county. Marsabit county prides its self in having a National reserve which is home to different wild life. The Marsabit national reserves serves as a tourist destination for both local and international tourists. Also at the game reserve we have the Kenya wildlife service officers who are welcoming and will guide you through your visit at the reserve. At the national game reserve we also have Lake paradise which is a crater lake and is one of the very breath taking works of nature that I would urge you to come and see. In your travels to Marsabit county.


Marsabit county covers 66,923.1 square kilometres. This size of land makes Marsabit county the second largest county in Kenya. There is vast land for investment even for mega projects. For this reason we welcome investors to come to Marsabit, invest and engage in commerce in the county.


Investors will not have to worry about energy since we got you covered in that space. For Marsabit county has green renewable energy from wind power. Which is safe, reliable and protects the environment as compared to the other forms of energy like the fossil fuel energy which has a number of effect to the environment and also a cause of global warming and depletion of the o-zone layer.


One may ask " isn't Marsabit county, an arid and semi arid place?" Yes, Marsabit is arid and semi arid. For this reason has the county government, in collaboration with various partners and donors. Have drilled boreholes across the county. These boreholes have been so beneficial to the local population and it becomes the sole responsibility of the communities to take care of the different boreholes in their locality. The boreholes serves as source of water for both human and livestock.

Marsabit Mountain and forest can rightly be described as an oases and important water tower compared to the arid and semi-arid areas of Northern Kenya. The runoff water drains into the Chalbi desert to the west and the Lorian Swamp to the east of Marsabit town.  Marsabit forest are also water catchment areas for the county and its people. The water here also serves the population. So one has not to worry about water in Marsabit. Water is available.


Chalbi desert is the largest natural desert in Kenya and it is found in Marsabit county. The desert has oases which have water and also watering points to the communities leaving around. This is also a tourist destination to all those who love exploring new things in life and which better place to have a new experience than the Chalbi desert. The beasts of the desert "camels" are available at the Chalbi desert also the guides who will offer guidance on your tour of the desert and enjoy the sun, and sand dues of Chalbi.



The population of Marsabit county is spread in four sub counties that is ; Saku, North Horr, Laisamis and Moyale. 70% of the population is made up of young people the youth. For this reason the county has invested heavily and is still investing in education. We have 277 ECD centres , 209 primary schools, 31secondary schools, 1 teacher training college, 4 youth polytechnic, 106 adult training institutions and 6 technical training. The investment on the young people through education and skill training is a pivotal role that we has the county administration takes seriously. For we know that an empowered youth is the strength of any community. It is evident that we have a well trained human resource in the different spheres and you has an investor or a tourist will not be short of assistance or labour, for it is readily available.


Health is one of the biggest asset that one can have and as  a county we don't take it for granted. We have 111 health facilities spread across the county. 457 health personnel of different disciplines in the field of medicine. Since health is a devolved unit and it lies in the jurisdiction of county government the county continues to build and equip more health facilities. In partnership with the national government through Kenya Medical supplies Authority and private donors. Whom we are so greatful for your unweavering support. That enables the county to offer better health care to our people.


Transport and communication has been made easier in the county. We have a road network of 5000km. Of this 4,108Km is covered by earth surface, 580km is murram surface and 312km is covered by bitumen. There is internet connectivity in the county  from the different telecommunication companies. Like Airtel, Safaricom, Telcom and Faiba. So one has not to worry about browsing for you can do that while in Marsabit unlike before when network issue was a big problem. Investment in communication has been a partnership between the county and the telecompanies since we don't want to be left behind in the ever fast growing world of technology which is driven by proper network connectivity.


I once again welcome you all to Marsabit county, come have a greater experince like no other. Not forgetting that food is the pathway to ones heart, Marsabit has a diverse traditional cusines to offer from Ethiopian Hanjera, qitta, nyama choma, fiquee, goat milk, camel meat and milk and much more. Thank you so much and welcome to Marsabit, a land of full potential.


Marsabit County Government

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