Dokatu Borehole Brings Hope and Prosperity to Residents.

Dokatu Borehole Brings Hope and Prosperity to Residents.

Dokatu Borehole Brings Hope and Prosperity to residents.

Tuesday 01/08/2023

In a remarkable collaboration between the county government of Marsabit and the World Bank through the Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project (KCSAP), the county government of Marsabit has unveiled Dokatu Borehole. This significant endeavor was inaugurated during a grand ceremony attended by Governor Mohamud Ali, his deputy Solomon Gubo, county secretary Hussein Tari, the area Member of County Assembly (MCA) Hon. Amos and the CEC for Agriculture Hussein Ali.

Constructed with the objective of enhancing access to clean water and promoting agricultural development, the Dokatu Borehole has exceeded expectations, yielding an impressive 8 cubic meters per hour. The quality of the water has been rated as ideal for both human consumption and livestock, making it an invaluable resource for the local community's welfare.

Equipped with a hybrid solar pumping system of 200 watts, a protection chamber, a powerhouse, a 48 cubic meter elevated pressed steel tank, water troughs for multiple animal species, double pit latrines, a community watering point, and fencing, the borehole has become a model of efficiency and sustainability.

During the handover ceremony, the Governor expressed his excitement for the future expansion and extension of the Dokatu project, with a particular focus on irrigation. Recognizing the invaluable role that food production plays in lowering the cost of living, the Governor spoke passionately about his vision to bring over 100 hectares of land in Dokatu under sustainable irrigation with focus on food production that will feed Saku Sub County.

Acknowledging the importance of peace as a catalyst for development, the Governor emphasized that without a harmonious environment, progress would be hindered. He called on the residents to continue fostering unity and peaceful coexistence, reflecting on the suffering experienced by the community during previous ethnic clashes.

Expressing his gratitude, the Governor commended the Department of Agriculture for their exemplary work in spearheading this life-changing project. He also extended his appreciation to the World Bank for their substantial investment in improving the quality of life in Dokatu.

The locals who were filled with joy and elation, who triumphantly returned to their homes following the displacement caused by past ethnic clashes expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the governor for his dedicated service to the community. They welcomed the new project with open arms, recognizing it as a testament to the governor's commitment to their well-being.

They also commended the governor for fostering a sense of cohesion among the county residents, which has contributed to the peace and harmony currently being enjoyed in the area and across the county. The governor's efforts in bringing people together and promoting unity were highly praised by the community.

Additionally, the residents were thrilled to receive relief food from the governor. Each household received a generous package consisting of 25 kilograms of rice, 4 litres of cooking oil, and 8 kilograms of beans.

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