Governor Visits the Victims of the Tragic Kambiye-Kargi accident

Governor Visits the Victims of the Tragic Kambiye-Kargi accident

Governor Visits the Victims of the Tragic Kambiye-Kargi accident

Monday 7/08/2023

Governor Mohamud Ali has today visited the victims of the tragic Kambiye - Kargi accident at the Marsabit County referral hospital. The governor expressed his deep condolences and sympathies for those affected by the accident.     

During the visit, Governor Ali highlighted the overwhelming number of victims that the hospital received. A total of 114 injured patients were brought to the hospital on that fateful Saturday evening. Out of these, 74 were attended to and discharged immediately, while 40 were admitted for further treatment. Four of the admitted patients were referred to Meru county for specialized care and treatment. Today, six more patients were discharged, leaving 30 still admitted.

The county boss acknowledged the challenges faced by the hospital, particularly the absence of a specialist. To address this issue, he announced that he brought an orthopedic surgeon with him to specifically attend to the 13 accident victims with bone fractures.

The governor thanked the administrators, doctors, nurses and casual workers at the county referral hospital for their dedicated service to the accident victims. He also commended his deputy, Solomon Gubo, for leading the county team in the rescue mission while he was away attending to other county matters in Nairobi.

He also expressed gratitude towards the national police service for their invaluable assistance during the rescue mission. Police cars were utilized to transport the victims to the hospital, and the governor specifically thanked the county police commander and his team for their support.

Hon. Peter Leruk, the Member of the County Assembly (MCA), praised Governor Ali's administration for the exceptional services provided by the hospital. He highlighted the ambulance service that transported the victims to the hospital and referred patients to Meru County free of charge. Additionally, he mentioned that over 100 patients underwent free X-rays and CT scans to assess any injuries. All costs related to mortuary and postmortem were also waived.    

The Karare ward MCA expressed his deep appreciation for the commitment of the doctors and nurses who worked tirelessly to alleviate the suffering of the accident victims. He admitted to previously having a negative perception of the general hospital but was now convinced that it offered the best service he had ever experienced.

In addition to visiting the hospitalized victims, Governor Ali, his deputy, county secretary, County executive committee members Grace Galmo & Armara Galwab, Principal Administrative Secretary Godfrey Godana and MCA' s Hon. Leruk, Ogom, Sadia Araru and Jacob Elisha also visited the families of the three individuals who tragically lost their lives in the accident. They offered their heartfelt condolences and assured the families of their support during this difficult time. 

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